Kevin Gates Gets Hit For Kissing Another Man's Girlfriend (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has partially made a name for himself by openly proclaiming his love for performing anal oral sex on women. It was Gates’ attempt to use his mouth in another way that earned him a slap to the face by a fan at a concert.

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The 2014 XXL Freshmen Class member was performing on stage when he decided to bend down and kiss one of the women in the audience. It appears the young lady was actually at the concert with her significant other, and his immediate reaction to Gates attempting to kiss his girl was a hand to the performer’s face.

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Watch the incident in the video below.

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42 Responses to “Kevin Gates Gets Hit For Kissing Another Man's Girlfriend (VIDEO)”

  1. i got this

    look at his boy run over like he gonna do something. Could of just pulled his ass in the crowd and step on his face b4 he get up. but im sure u gonna have a whole pack after that lol so make sure that one face stomp a good one.

  2. MrNoName2K

    yea and of course KG’s b*tch ass dips after and his boy takes the wheel and throwing licks… man her nigga should have ripped that ass off stage and went to work, that would have had to been a ass whoopin ida had to take

    • ILL Will

      I feel you but if u and ya dogs was there its fair game…let the brawl begin…funny thing is after all the bullsht ya chick might be kissing other niggaz anyway…lmao

      • MrNoName2K

        true, and the thing is it looks like she was down too…haha man these hoes really aint loyal

      • MrNoName2K

        obviously you didnt read what I just said cornball ass nigga…p.s. get off Po’s dick..1

  3. THOT Provoking

    …dude did right! He is obviously a fan who was recording him. He pushed him away with his phone in his hand. Gates knew what was up and a real nigga woulda apologized after the concert and told him he didn’t know that was his girl. Gates and any real nigga woulda did the same thing over their girl. Dude didn’t go overboard or even try and escalate the incident. Shot out to the guy!

    • Judah Nazayar

      man.. i knew that was coming. i saw him on breakfast club 105.1.. and he seemed like a smart dude.. ppl were saying he was a Mo.. idk man…. but that nicca do eat bootie…last time is saw sum shet like that..was on Boondocks crimnal fleece johnson.. man.. this shits crazee..hahaha good grief! smdh

    • Shock

      Why would him trying to kiss a woman prompt you to call him gay? You must be a little suspect yourself, no reason to bring up anything homo.

  4. DR.WHO?

    He had to have known that at least one of them dudes could possibly be her man gtfoh. He was trying to be disrespectful that’s what his ass gets.

  5. disqus_sYqSLxwGFA

    This happened in my hometown Meridian, MS kevin kissed the girl in the mouth her boyfriend who was standing directly behind her tried to push him away I mean any man would that was disrespectful. Then kevin gates security guard punched her boyfriend in the eye that is all lol this is not even the best video!

  6. Juve504

    I wouldve left tht mtf wit him, cuz obviously she was trying to kiss him back. Mtf wasnt worth fightin for in tha first place.

  7. FreezeGame

    What type of dude claims to be fuckin’ a bitch, finds out from his grandma that she’s his cousin, and then says he ain’t gone stop dealing wit’ her? This nigga a clown.


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