2 Chainz Takes On Nancy Grace During Heated Marijuana Debate

While appearing on Nancy Grace this evening artist 2 Chainz took the former prosecutor head on during a heated debate about  the legalization of marijuana. After speaking on how decriminalizing the drug could potentially boost tax revenue and ease the burden on the justice system, Grace insisted that marijuana users routinely share the drug with their children; an allegation the rapper easily refuted with facts and common sense.



I was about to tell you before you rudely interrupted me.” ~2 Chainz


Using a video of a father giving weed to his child to sensationalize her stance, watch below as the two square off.

Grace: You say that there are reasonable people that can smoke pot, use pot and they won’t involve their children, nobody else is going to get hurt. But what about these people?”

2 Chainz: It’s the same thing we talked about earlier darling, with the legalization of alcohol. You will find some footage like this but everybody is not doing this. Some people actually love their child. Some people  know that it’s obviously wrong, so this is nothing to really argue about, these people are obviously imbeciles. You can’t use this case to define an entire community.”

Please give this man a show.

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