Who Is ASAP Yams?

Earlier today, sources confirmed that ASAP mob founder, ASAP Yams, has passed away. While many fans, friends, and rappers have sent their condolences to the Hip Hop collective through social media, some just aren’t hip to the impact that Yams has had on the genre as a whole. In 2007, Yams help start ASAP Mob. As time went by, he established an online fanbase  through several successful social media strategies, mainly through his Tumblr account. While the Mob started to establish their steady rise this decade, Yams helped merge fashion culture and Hip Hop even more through the collective. Outside of ASAP Mob, Yams was also contributed to the success of Joey Fatts, Vince Staples, and Ashton Mattews. Many fans have heard Yams on ASAP Songs like Ferg’s “Let It Go” and appeared on videos as well.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKFRwLIGri4]

ASAP Yams may have died, but his name will always be remembered in the Hip Hop world. His creation of ASAP Mob has made an impact on, fashion, hip hop, and modern pop culture combined. With ASAP Members Rocky, Ferg, and other members dropping projects this year, it looks like Yams’ legacy will continue even after his death.



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