Is This Why Bobby Shmurda Is Staying In Jail?

The streets are talking and they are saying a little something. Somebody that knows more about legal matters than I do has suggested that Bobby Shmurda is staying in jail for a real, real reason. But, lets back up for a second. First of all, his uncles agreed to bail him out, but he refused. Apparently, that would be about $20,000. Bobby told his uncles, who seems to be indie label heads, “NO.” He allegedly claims they stole from him and want to be in Rikers more than he wants to accept their money. Then there is Epic Records. Originally, it was said almost immediately that Epic would be getting the young alleged gunner out of the bing. But, Bobby remains in jail. Why? I am hearing that Bobby doesn’t want to OWE the money back that will be used to get him out. So instead, he’s just going to stay in jail. That is the rumor! I cannot say for certain if this is fact, because RIGHT NOW Shmurda is on the bill of a couple of major festivals. He could make $20k back off one gig! I think Coolio could hustle that money up. So why is Shmurda in jail still?

I just hope he’s keeping his pants pulled up since he’s staying a while.

bobby shmurda

Or he may just be chillin’ like a little G.

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58 Responses to “Is This Why Bobby Shmurda Is Staying In Jail?”

    • So $!©K

      Snitched on himself.. been selling coco since the 5th
      grade, caught a body bout a week ago and you want people out your trap

  1. bigdoe6

    Sad. Kid made a song to get him out the hood, too bad the hood came along with his success. I don’t personally like his music but he seems like a cool ass dude who was enjoying the ride and happy to have something going for himself and being able to make legit money off music. Too bad he wants to stay a HOT NI**A forever.

  2. digitallife

    He’s got the attention of the gang squad, he wouldn’t be able to leave the state as part of his bail agreement. His bail would also be 200k (10% of 2 million), minus the ten percent the bailiff would keep in the end if he doesn’t run. Plus he’s also on bail from another case. This kid is screwed six ways to sunday, sitting and getting part of his sentence out of the way before trial is not a bad move. This is also his third arrest for gun possession.

      • ©®

        I just don’t like black men are violent towards their own people. He belongs in prison for committing those crimes.

      • MR.X

        every race is violent my guy but why you pick the black race not to like!? you do know your commenting on black culture right if you don’t like us then don’t like our shit stay out our culture!!!! all over here in our shit!! 4real

      • ILL Will

        First of all white law says innocent until proven guilty, second of all you shouldn’t hate anyone u don’t personally know…waste of time, effort, thought, etc….

      • ©®

        and how do you know if I don’t personally know Bobby Shmurda??? Yea that’s right you’re assuming again. smh

  3. Terrance

    I definitely don’t condone Black on Black crime and despise those that do.

    However, young Homie is from my block and I hope he can atone for his wrong doings, pay his price and GROW from this if given the opportunity.

    Since I first heard about where he was from, I hoped he would get RIGHT and show dudes from our hood how to get out. (regardless of his musical content)

    I got out years ago. Ended up homeless and got up AGAIN.
    WITHOUT having to return there to live.

    Yet, I STILL see most of my old peeps there without EVER venturing out.

    It’s really not that hard to get out of the hood.


    If you have money to blow on…



    • ILL Will

      U ain’t never lied, I never even went outta state until I was 20 yrs old, I got the fk on and saw the world holmes. After doing that the block I put it on the line for seemed so small and wrong at the same damn time..


    He broke into the game in a nice way…..But I hope he take his 15 minutes of fame and do something great with it…..I personally don’t see his career lasting very long….But I do support him because I have a passion for new faces and young talent. I am tired of these old rappers who are stuck in their feelings.


        There you go, trust me its not an easy transition, sometimes it hard to let go of the past, even tho the past have left you. Then you realize, what a ride, wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. ms marjane

    Of course he’d stay in jail – you don’t want to be the only one out on bail while the rest of the crew sit in the slam, and the questioning and pending case put the pressure on other folks to talk. He’s not no rap star, he’s still a street kid and he’s smart to stay as close to his protection as possible.. for better or for worse. : /

    • ILL Will

      I dig what u saying but I can guarantee a few of them niggaz gon talk regardless of if he’s there wit em or not…cats nowadays sit down to pee…I hate seeing a dude squeal when he was out there right next to u griming, pressure comes and they confess like they talking to the priest…

      • ms marjane

        That’s facts. I have a lot of family behind bars, but when it comes to people that you move with on the street level, the reality is that noone’s going to go to jail for you. They start talking in those long numbers – “87 months”, “25 to L”, “consecutively served sentences” – and naturally, street dudes be wanting to point out what *they* did vs. what other cats did. It’s hard to keep it together with the po. When I look at B Shmurda, I see someone who frankly, is safer in jail than out. He could get out tomorrow, but likely wouldn’t be able to walk through his neighborhood without someone wanting to murder him, straight up. He could go hide out with the mfckn record label, but then niggas back home would be tellin him he can’t come back. I just hope young cats learn – stay off the phone, and keep the dirt to yourself.

  6. YahMamma

    He’s on 2M bail – how do you get bond on 20k ? You read one article – smush it w/ another – and voila – more crap @ AllHipHop that proves you have no clue what you are talking about as usual.

  7. macknificent

    He already know if he let somebody put up that bail money they going to be tryna suge knight him…, they gone try and pimp him for it..,,plus it’s obviously deeper than rap he staying in there wit his guys reading paper work making sure ain’t nobody getting pulled out they cells in the middle if the night.., he on a conspiracy case that got national attention he ain’t thinking about no rap he playing that shit like a G..,, spend that money on my lawyers..,,

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      factz is remy and boosie both had higher potential before going in than when they came out …. same with lil wayne dudes been on a decline since he came out …. he went in the #1 artist came out #3 to Drake and Nicki … ironically ….. that jail ish aint work since the days of Tupac …. look @ beanie, gucci, lil kim, shyne, prodigy, ti etc….. im waiting to see if that small lil time impacted meek mill in anyway shape or form …. one thing i do know hes kind of quiet right now ……………………….

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        how his record sales has been on the decline since … the best thing he had going is the tv show and imo wifey benefited from that more than him…, and her trusty side kick….. look @ who has the spin off show….sure aint tip ……TI is just lucky he aint stuck in jail…… no telling where he be if he didnt stop to deal with those legal issues

  8. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    he aint trying to get max b’d … smart tho … sadily its kind of obvious he hasnt been smart about his situations cause with that hit he got he should have more than enuff $$$$ to bail himself out ………. and chances are if he gets paid $20k a show that $20k is getting broken down before it reaches his pocket …… dude must have a seriously bad deal ……

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