Is This Why Bobby Shmurda Is Staying In Jail?

We May Have The Reason Shmurda Is In Jail!

The streets are talking and they are saying a little something. Somebody that knows more about legal matters than I do has suggested that Bobby Shmurda is staying in jail for a real, real reason. But, lets back up for a second. First of all, his uncles agreed to bail him out, but he refused. Apparently, that would be about $20,000. Bobby told his uncles, who seems to be indie label heads, “NO.” He allegedly claims they stole from him and want to be in Rikers more than he wants to accept their money. Then there is Epic Records. Originally, it was said almost immediately that Epic would be getting the young alleged gunner out of the bing. But, Bobby remains in jail. Why? I am hearing that Bobby doesn’t want to OWE the money back that will be used to get him out. So instead, he’s just going to stay in jail. That is the rumor! I cannot say for certain if this is fact, because RIGHT NOW Shmurda is on the bill of a couple of major festivals. He could make $20k back off one gig! I think Coolio could hustle that money up. So why is Shmurda in jail still?

I just hope he’s keeping his pants pulled up since he’s staying a while.

bobby shmurda

Or he may just be chillin’ like a little G.