Chris Brown Is An Identity Theft Victim

Chris Brown has yet another legal woe, but he won’t be getting hauled off to jail.

Last year when he was sent to jail for leaving rehab, he had to fly from the west to the east coast to face a judge regarding assault charges. During his trek from Los Angeles to Washington D.C, he stopped at the San Bernardino County Jail. For his one or two-day layover he had to be issued a jail ID card and when his stay was over his ID was left with the inmates. Now, someone is reportedly trying to sell the ID for $10,000 online.

chris brown jail ID

After Breezy’s lawyer Mark Geragos found out about the sale, he headed down to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and an investigation was launched. A suspect has been identified but he is claiming he got the ID from someone else. The police are currently looking into how the card got out of the proper hands and if any fraudulent activity has taken place.

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