Kevin McCall Talks Past Issues With Wale Over Ex-Girlfriend Eva Marcille (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Singer-songwriter Kevin McCall decided to open up about his online altercation with Wale and his fans. The “Naked” performer sat down with VladTV to address the situation.

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McCall says the problems began when his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Eva Marcille left a kissing emoji on a Wale Instagram picture. He claimed the IG comment came after the two were in dispute over visitation for their daughter. According to the Watts native, it was Wale’s followers that pointed out that Eva left the emoji on the MMG star’s photo.

“I don’t follow Wale. I don’t follow her. But his fans through him under the bus,” stated McCall. “Thank your fans, Wale. I’m mean sorry. You can holla at me when you see me.”

Apparently, IG users began mentioning McCall on Wale’s page, and he felt the need to defend himself. He responded by posting a message about not being jealous of a man with herpes, but the post did not include any mention of Wale.

“Any genius would know you don’t respond to that, because it’s gonna seem like it’s true,” McCall said. “He called me. I don’t know how he got my number… I was already turned up, because I’m like ‘I didn’t give you my number. But we’re gonna have this conversation.'”

McCall added that Wale was not “trying to be tough” on the phone. Since he appreciated what the “LoveHate Thing” rhymer had to say, he apologized to Wale.

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Watch Kevin McCall’s interview below.

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      • that dude

        Ummm, wasn’t Drake involved in a bottle throwing contest at a club with Chris Brown? Didn’t Drake and Common have a little fit over Serena Williams? Oh nothings wrong, It’s just your promoting no fighting over women with a known dude in your avatar that’s always verbally or physically beefing with another dude over a chick. I just thought it was hypocritical that’s all.

  1. Big_Chill

    Dudes need to accept the fact that chicks of that ilk belong to the world and are expendable, you can’t be mad when she hops on the next dude, that’s whats to be expected.

  2. Brooklyn Stoop

    boy oh boy
    i mean……….damn lol
    i think what we see kevin mccall doing publicly is what safaree is doing privately lol

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