Beyonce Fans Bash Kid Rock Over His Comments About The Singer (PHOTOS)

(AllHipHop News) It seems no one warned Kid Rock about the Bey Hive. The veteran rocker made some comments about Beyoncé in Rolling Stone magazine, and the “Drunk In Love” singer’s fans took to Instagram to endlessly bash Rock.

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“Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f**king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’?” asked Rock. “People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice f**king ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.’ Doesn’t really f**king do much for me.”

Those statements led to Beyoncé’s followers flooding Kid Rock’s Instagram page. Almost every recent picture on the “Cowboy” performer’s IG now includes thousands of comments featuring the Bey Hive’s signature bee emoji and critical replies.

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Read some of the Bey Hive’s comments below.

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131 Responses to “Beyonce Fans Bash Kid Rock Over His Comments About The Singer (PHOTOS)”


    Bey is average at most she is nothing special talented dont get me wrong but like he said she doesn’t have that superstar wow and thats the truth basic bitches who think they are cute but are but ugly like Beyonce

    • ChinoX813

      Dude has a song called “Black Chick, White Guy” lol

      But his black son is in his 20’s now, which means he had him during his wigger phase. Kid Rock of today is a completely different guy. He thinks rap rock is “Gay” and votes republican now. Not too far a stretch to think his taste in women has changed along with everything else about his personality.

  2. Miss.S

    but REAL SHIT, thats his opinion.. how can mutha fuckers be upset at his thoughts.. and technically he aint ALL THAT wrong.. she aint no prince where she WROTE the most amazing song.. shit its not even fact that she writes her own shit..

    • ChinoX813

      Any opinion not falling in line with the status quo is punishable by instagram terrorism to be issued by obsessed fans. THIS IS LAW

    • biafra

      they expressed their opinion too. that’s what goes with opinion, there are people who may not like it and they’ll respond.


    This is a divisive method used by white people called divide & conquer. They get us too busy to fighting over things like this that don’t matter and we overlook real issues that are affecting us. Nah. J/p, i’m white. This is probably just one artist speaking disrespectfully about another and nothing more. I just wanted to know what it felt like to speak on that same level of delusional thinking. Deuces !

  4. danboy1386

    “Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f**king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’?”


  5. Sgt. H. Jennings

    Maybe to some she doesn’t have that but to some she does. It’s all a matter of opinion and based on her #’s she’s winning. Like her music or not. Fan or not, you can’t deny she is a superstar. Fans, media, popularity, mass appeal are all things that help make you a superstar. She has all that. Her having talent just so happen to be a bonus. We all know you really don’t need talent to become a worldwide superstar but we all know Beyonce is a talented singer and entertainer. She’s no Prince but she’s not a scrub either. Far from it…. IMO of course..

  6. TheAfroRican

    SMH @ these fools, acting like they are on Beyonce’s payroll or something. It’s just his opinion, if you like it or not.

  7. eddieknucks

    He turned back white in his middle age. Happens all the time. Few white chocolates stay that way deep into adult hood. My ex was one. Been over 10 yrs and saw her at a football game both of our kids were playing in. Straight soccer mom now. Was Baby Phat, Bob hair cut wearing,Remy sipping,blut smoking, Cash Money music girl from South West Detroit. I’m talking 20’s on her truck with 15 inch woofers. Ain’t mad. Just happens a lot. We can’t change back to anything else. Kid found that redneck audience. He don’t even rap no more. Sings mostly. Only thing I like about him is he gives back to his city. But yeah, he country now.

  8. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    A bunch of welfare receipients taking sides…………. for someone ok cool, Beyonce fine. Talking about Kid Rock when he could care less about some gutter ratchet bit(hes…….NEXT!

  9. chosenxeno

    Sigh I don’t even feel like telling you people why Kid is wrong but I’m bored at work so here goes. He cannot say that Beyoncé doesn’t have a Classic yet. She is still active. I think years from now Single Ladies will be considered a Pop Classic. The other thing is why are males constantly hating on Beyoncé? You had Prodigy from Mobb Deep with the graph a few years ago and a few others. Dudes are now getting jealous of a female performer’s success and popularity. Feminized lol

  10. Black Jay Supreme

    Once again this dude is exposing his true roots. he was once into the rap culture. Now he’s reduced himself to a talking piece for Fox News. He’s only going at Beyoncé because he’s a republican now (as is all of Fox News). If he had said something about Beyoncé poisoning little girls minds then maybe a few more people would’ve believed him (although not really with his own lack of moral fiber). just stop reporting on this clown. Please!!! He’s only trying to sell his backwoods hillbillie records.

    • MLB44

      Amen! I never liked this racist redneck cracker. I got into many arguments with friends who claimed Rock was down with blacks and hip hop. He’s always been a fraud. He can take his Southern rock and Confederate flag back to the trailer park in Detroit where he belongs.

  11. Vinsanity

    KId Rock isnt lying. Hes speaking up cause its about time. Bey been sliding by way too long.It only takes one person to speak up. Kid Rock didnt say he doesnt like black chicks he just said he like skinny girls with big tits and yes black skinny girls with big tits exist. Dude used to be a wigger cause of where he was raised, he got older and found himself, big deal happens all the time. Would you rather him be over 30 and still be a wigger, then he would be in denial at least dude figured it out and started being true to himself. That being said its time for Kid Rock to kick rocks and stay away and never come back to Hip Hop.

  12. Solo

    Not sure how to feel about ol’ Yonce. Used to love her back when she was thick during her destiny child days. Now it seems like she just another femnist artist. She got hits tho, cant deny that. Whether or not they classics is arguable.

  13. Dark Matters

    This Kid Rock character speaks just as trailer park trash would. Ok fine. You don’t like Beyoncé’s music That’s perfectly fine. You’re entitled to that. You’re entitled to voice your opinion on that.

    What you aren’t entitled to do is turn her into a subject
    of your sexual satisfaction. What exactly is she supposed to do with her body? Purchase DDs so she can feel sexually validated by Kid Rock? Truly uncivilized for a man to be publicly commenting on the sexual attractiveness of someone else’s wife .

    People can’t compete in the marketplace, so they start chipping at the psyche of others. What a degenerate. That’s somebody’s wife about whose physique and sexual attractiveness you’re publicly commenting without so much as a care as to how it may make her or her husband feel.

      • Dark Matters

        Translation: Why are you criticizing a white person? Waah waah White people are not afraid of Jay Z, okaaaay? Waaah waaah.

        I’m not your bro, you comment fart.


        You were the one butthurt by his comments. lol, allhiphop found a redneck who doesn’t like Beyonce’s music. WOW. A few months ago they had an article about a klanman who doesn’t like hip hop. How do they keep pulling this off ? Cutting edge journalism

      • Dark Matters

        The thing about conversation with people such as yourself, is that it goes nowhere but down. I am punishing myself by engaging you. Hold this L and go sing your MmmBop songs to someone else.

        ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤
        █▄ █ █▄███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬
        ╬═╬ ☻/█▄
        ╬═╬ /█ .
        ╬═╬ / dropping L’s on morally corrupt sensitive white people everyday cuz yall deserve it!


        It feels like punishment when I lose arguments to smarter people too.

  14. chosenxeno

    1 last thing. These rappers need to watch who they co-sign. Especially with the palette slowly changing. Black Music is just a springboard to stardom for some of these people. That’s it. Eventually they reveal their true selves. Not always in the form of racism. Sometimes they will genre swap Like House of Pain, Vanilla Ice ect. For you whites visiting these boards this is why we get so protective. Down one minute, strumming a guitar and hating on the music the next. Kid Rock knows why Beyonce is popular. It’s the same reason why he was so popular. Black music. Yes. I called it BLACK MUSIC.


      Everyone knows it’s BLACK MUSIC. Getting over protective, over defensive about it just makes you more fun to troll.

      • chosenxeno

        1.) No everyone does not. You know what? I have no further points. That’s basically it..


    Any man who knows how to sex good needs some ass and I am not even talking ghetto booty. . just a nice butt . . . something you can work with . . . this clown sex game must be below zero. . Pluse how old is “crazy in love” . .. they spin that record still at the clubs every now and then. . not to close but to get the Girls on the Dancefloor and it still works every time .. sounds like a classic to me

  16. lizzy

    I agree with kid rock beyonce not an artist she doesn’t make real music. What is drunk in love going to do for you nothing. Her music is all about shaking your ass and all she does when she performs is acts like a stripper. Thats no one to look up to. My generation has been posion. What happen to when music ment something when it came from the soul.

  17. chippc

    The fact that Rock doesn’t think Beyonce is hot or talented is his opinion, but clearly that part about his preference for big titty white girls is something he needed to get off his chest for a minute. I guess this was his redneck way of letting black folk who fucked with his early work know he made enough money raping the culture. I guess Uncle Kracker will be making his revelation next month.

    And for the record, the only people who can be salty about someone not having classic songs, are people who actually have classic songs themselves.


      I think the topic was about Kanye West saying Beck should give his Grammy to Beyonce and that the Grammy’s don’t respect real artists because Beyonce didn’t get the Grammy.

      • chippc

        Yea I assumed the quote was taken out of context, but the rest of his statement was just unnecessary and had nothing to do with the price of tea in China. Rock had something to get off of his chest and he did just that with the big titty white girl reference. He wasn’t saying this when he was writing “Black girl, white kracker” or doing that bullshit off brand hip hop/rock. Now if that not his thing anymore, cool. But, no matter how much Lynard Skinnard he listens to now, he won’t be able to erase the half black son he produced with a big assed black woman.

  18. Raheem Classick

    You wanna know why the white man is winning on this Black Music front. It’s because of simple minded Ninja’s who be agreeing with the white man’s Racist Coded Statements. You don’t have to like any Black Elite, but at the same time you don’t have to join in on the backhanded statements said about them. Sometimes you just should keep your damn mouth shut!


      Coded language. Cryptic racism. You may be on to something. Backhanded statements made by white people have definitely had a negative affect on the music. lol. Very weak by the way. I couldn’t picture anything black people saying negatively affecting country music.

      • Raheem Classick

        I am saying that us as Black People shouldn’t always agree with criticism aimed at our People knowing the person is engaging in character assassination.


        I’m white and I assassinate artists characters everyday here. I don’t do it because it’s part of some grand well thought out scheme to hurt people. I do it because i’m at work, and i’m bored. And i’m kind of a dick. What difference does it make if some black people happen to agree with some of the things I say ? Who gives a shit ?

      • Dark Matters

        I agree with you. Never mind the small minded buffoon who has no idea about the nature of the society he lives in. His survival doesn’t depend on it. So, naturally he won’t understand.


        If your survival is dependent on whether or not white people criticize you then you need serious professional help.


      I think it’s really because we have traded in our soul for sexy. Our music has sexy, but it lacks soul. Has nothing to do with white people. Our female singers are glorified strippers. Our male singers have to put out #eggplant selfies and show their d___ prints on stage to keep an audience attention. That’s what we should be mad at.

  19. Q.



      Because he’s an idiot. Someone in the entertainment business for almost 20 years should know better. NEVER say anything negative about a black, gay or jewish person. Ever. For any reason. Those are the protected minority groups. He must be brain dead. It’s only politically correct for white people to disparage other white people. He deserves whatever backlash he gets.

  20. J. Smith

    Is he talking about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”, or his remake? And which Beyoncé song will be irrelevant in 10 years? Women will always be bitter (Not being funny). Women will always want love, and respect, and loyalty. These new women will always (unfortunately) want to be regarded as equal to men. Beyoncé does all of that for them.
    As far as his preference in women. A white dude I was cool with in prison, used to always say that he could never mess with the big booty chicks in the magazines I had, because he would never be able to reach the pu**y from the back. He said it’s a white thing, I wouldn’t understand. (100% true)


      I don’t think it’s an issue of subject matter. It’s more about the music itself. You have to admit, black music really has lost its soul over the past 10 or fifteen years. There aren’t many classic calibre records being put out there lately.

      And as far as dick size goes – that’s one of the problems in our community. Black men need to have more to offer than dick. Dick needs to stop being such a high priority. IJS That’s one of the main reasons more and more knuckleheads are being bred into our community and dragging it down. But y’all dicks are big and you have swag, tho. I guess. #loveyourselvesdeeperthanthat

      • J. Smith

        What are you talking about? Self righteous, aren’t you? Work on comprehension, before you attack people for what you THINK they said. smh

  21. RealSpit

    This is what happens when you let the devils and vampires invade a culture. In the 90’s which i would say is my era of hip hop which i came up and fed on this devil wouldnt even think about disrespecting any black women and black man without fear of getting their as thrown off the stage and getting their as beat. Yall 2010 plus nigs be on that gay spit and be defending it and traded in your man hood for it. So now these devils and vampires can invade the culture, milk for all its worth and disrespect the architect. Because all the real niggas are gone or turned puss.

    This is Columbus and Indians


      Because NO white man should EVER be allowed to disrespect ANY black woman EVER for ANY reason no matter what, RIGHT ?

      • RealSpit

        Its puss as niggas like you is why it starts with someone saying something a little disrespectful about blacks and you cowards just stand by and accept it and then it blows up to them full out attacking blacks calling them n**ger and stealing the culture. You puss as nigga now dayz dont stand for spit.

        If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
        Alexander Hamilton


        I’m going to explain to you what happened. This might sting but pay attention. The “real niggas” that are “gone” now, they grew up and found something better to do with there lives. You’re the only one left still talking like a tough guy.

      • RealSpit

        No you dumb as little puss nigga, the real niggas evolved. Leaving behind you little puss as cowards afraid to fight and defend the women even while she under attack. Go put your skirt on you coward!!!


        By evolve I think you meant they grew up, which is what I said. How come you never did the same ?

      • ICallOUTAllRACES

        You waisting your time going back n forth with this idiot. When you make sense and explain your points in an intelligent way, it pisses ignorant people off

      • Dark Matters

        Don’t waste your time talking to this comment windbag. He’s white and his whole thing is if you say anything disapproving of a white person his vocal chords start twitching and he feels the need to defend white people purely because they’re white. He draws false equivalences to make points that aren’t there to be made.

        He assumes anytime a black person disapproves of a white person’s actions, it’s purely because they’re white.


        Run… hide… retreat… The white man is using false equivalences to defend himself. lol

      • J. Smith

        No man should ever be allowed to disrespect ANY woman, who is minding her own business, and not threatening anyone. He made it racial when he mentioned his preference.


        So black men shouldn’t be allowed to disrespect white woman minding there own business and not threatening anyone either, right ? And it’s racial when black men discuss there preference in white women too, right ?

      • Dutch Masta Rillo

        Actually he didn’t make it racial. . . He was saying that based on why people are saying he should like Beyonce. Stating your preference doesn’t make any situation racial unless you blatantly say. . . “I hate _____ people”. If he prefers white skinny bitches that’s fine but this man has worked withwith numerous African American artists

  22. QueenBeeLovesBlaine

    This is cool… But you guys have to check out “Blaine – Corner Store Robbery” this dude is soooo talented. I’m happy I stumbled upon him last night!!!

  23. ICallOUTAllRACES

    How is this man being racist? Beyonce worshippers everyone is not inclined to be cult like followers of Beyonce like you. I agree with him. She’s a good but not great artist…Name her signature song……I’ll wait….Name her Greatest Love type classic song….Blacks are so much a people that idolize worship their favorite celebrity. I dun witnessed numerous Black folk spazz out on social media if someone doesn’t think Beyonce can turn water into wine…..Get over it people

    • ytgarner

      He’s not racist but he’s a damn hater. What is his valid reasoning? I’ll wait …. His point was weak. The woman does it all and for that set group of people who like her it works for them. Now if he said my kids are negatively affected by her music or brand. Bring some evidence to the table besides comparing her to artist of yester year. Don’t like her don’t listen.

      • ICallOUTAllRACES

        “Don’t like don’t listen” is as comparable to “don’t like comment don’t respond”


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      im no beyonce fan but beyonce got plenty of songs and some i regretably know the words too … songs that women live and die by … even drake made a song saying girls love beyonce and the ish is tru … this bey hive bs is proof enuff … and @ the end of the day who cares about 1 song … when you got a catalog of hits …. ijs …

  24. Cyber💂🏾Soljah

    The mojority of white men have smaller penises than black men, that’s why they prefer flat ass’d, skinny white women. Small d*ck & a flat ass work together perfectly, especially doggy style. Me personally i luh’s me a big ole, phat ole, round ole ass!


      You sound like you bring the necessary expertise to the conversation. Just trying to decide if you’re experience is with skinny white women, or men with smaller penises. I’m thinking the latter.

      • Cyber💂🏾Soljah

        This is not expertise, & thats what u get for thinking.


        You’re speaking on the preferences of white men like you know what you’re talking about, you don’t. And how many white cocks have you sucked to make this determination because you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

  25. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    id just like to note i also like skinny white chicks with big tits too … as well as bootifull chicks like beyonce … bring em all !! lol

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