Kim Kardashian Calls Who Out For Fake Yeezys Boosts?

Photo via @KimKardashian Instagram

Oh Kim K! Apparently Kimmy Kakes doesn’t like to read captions. Kim Kardashian tried to call out jeweler Ben Baller on his Instagram page for having fake Yeezy Boosts. Kim wrote under a picture Baller posted saying “These don’t come in black. They are fakes.” Baller replied saying “You could have texted me or emailed me. They were custom made by @d_preme not fake Smh.” Let’s be honest Kim K was petty for that, she must’ve been reaching and seeking attention as usual. We’re pretty sure someone at Ben Baller’s status wouldn’t have fake Yeezys. He even stated in the caption that the boosts were custom dyed black.


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