Flavor Flav's Ex Says Drake Was The Best!

In a new interview with Kandi, Deelishis says Drizzy Drake crushed her big a$$ and was the best she ever had. Need we be reminded, that’s Flavor Flav’s ex.

Kandi: So what’s the best you ever had?

Deelishis: There’s this guy…this rapper guy..he sings and raps.

Kandi’s Co-Host: He’s a rapper from Toronto

Deelishis: laughs

Kandi: So he’s actually good in bed. (Why is Kandi shocked that Drake is good in bed?)

Deelishis: He’s excellent in bed.

Kandi’s Co-Host: Deelishis, you been on your worst behavior. Deelishis started from the bottom now she here.

She ended with saying Drake can smash pretty much anytime when he wants, because they are still friends.

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46 Responses to “Flavor Flav's Ex Says Drake Was The Best!”

      • keith peru

        I guess I’m cool with that. There are different races in Canada. It’s not really singling out any one based off of race, ethnicity, or culture. I Would not be cool to be called half black neither. At least, those are my sentiments.

      • Executive

        Get her to the motel, take her close off and her stomach looks like a deflated basketball.

      • ILL Will

        That don’t really bother me too much cuz I got kids, I’m tombout the ones where it look all nice and tight while the shit on but when the shit comes off bitch body expands like the blob…titties drop to the cankles and the ass droops to the floor. Beware of some tight packages

      • Executive

        I got kids too. I just mean how she wears tight shit and could fool you once she butt naked. A droopy ass that look like it got hit with buck shots and tits that hang low will mess a nigga night up.

  1. Markus

    She was Flavor Flav’s ex. Her claim to fame is a big ass that she cashes in on. She goes public with who she smashes. Sad and pathetic with nothing past the physical to offer. Damn.

  2. ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    Damn WHAT happened I post a comment last night about this I thought about this… But anyway DRAKE wake up stop hanging around folks THAT YOU don’t find comfortable… @DRAKE I’m SO surprised to SEE YOU tweeting on Twitter yesterday??? Shocked indeed you’re not THAT Anti Social after all… stay focus on YOUR well being and YOUR life!!! Stay away from people THAT will smile in YOUR face but…will proudly talk behind YOUR back @DRAKE stay safe!!!! ����
    6:43 PM

  3. B.U.

    LOL that’s just game. She know Drake is a trick with a fragile ego. Just pump his head up a little and he’ll come off those bands.

  4. ursocalledgod

    smh this big broad is THIRSTY! trying to get Drake to come back spend or shout her out so she can do a couple ghetto ass club appearances. I will never understand the niggaz that go crazy over this broad. this broad is huge and when you take that big cellulite ass out of them tight ass clothes aint no way that thang don’t hit the floor.

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