Trinidad James Discusses White People Using The "N-Word" On CNN (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Trinidad James stopped by CNN last night to participate in a discussion about the use of the words “n***a” and “n****r.” The “All Gold Everything” performer was brought into the racism controversy surrounding the University of Oklahoma’s SAE fraternity chapter when another video of the fraternity’s house-mother using the word resurfaced online.

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In the footage, Beauton Gilbow can be heard reciting “n****r” numerous times as “All Gold Everything” plays in the background. CNN’s Don Lemon asked James about the video of Gilbow.

“I honestly think that somebody’s trying to be sarcastic and play a joke on this old lady. She looks old, and she looks drunk,” said Trinidad. “I saw that two years ago when it came out. I didn’t say anything about it, because life is just so much bigger than that.”

Trinidad added he was bothered by the SAE members’ chant containing the n-word, but he feels Gilbow came from racism and was not attending to be hurtful in the video. When asked if he felt it was okay for all races to use the word, James suggested if everyone cannot use n***a then no one should be allowed to use it. Later, Ben Ferguson and Marc Lamont Hill joined Trinidad and Lemon to discuss the use of the n-word.

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Watch portions of Trinidad James’ appearance on CNN below.

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