Hustle Simmons Gets Into A Brawl With Members Of Bleu DaVinci's BMF Crew (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) A disagreement turned physical at the “Hustlepalooza” showcase in Austin over the weekend. The SXSW Festival event’s host, Hustle Simmons, got into a fight with members of Bleu DaVinci’s entourage on stage.

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The brawl reportedly started when Simmons refused to allow DaVinci to perform alongside MMG’s Tracy T. The members of DaVinci’s BMF crew then attacked Simmons.

“I put this sh*t on for y’all. $100,000 over the last six years,” Simmons told the crowd after the melee. “I don’t give a f**k about a BMF, none of that motherf**king s**t. I’m a grown ass f**king man. I don’t disrespect them, you don’t disrespect me. I’ll fight every n***a on this motherf**ker. I ain’t never no b***h. So when you come to s**t like this, respect this f**king stage.”

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Watch footage of the incident below.

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