Da Brat Speaks On Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea’s Potential Longevity (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Da Brat has not released a studio album since 2003’s Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz, but the Funkdafied femcee announced she is back in the studio with longtime producing partner Jermaine Dupri.

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In the time since Da Brat’s last LP, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea have emerged as female rap’s highest charting performers. The Chicago native has her own experience with mainstream success (she was the first solo female rap act to have a platinum album), so VladTV asked Brat for her thoughts about the potential longevity of the more recent women to break into rap music.

“I definitely feel like Nicki’s gonna have longevity. I’m not sure about Iggy. Right now she’s dope, but I’m not sure,” said Brat. “I haven’t really heard her ‘spit-spit’, and ‘spit-spitting’ is coming back. Nicki’s spits.”

While Brat is open about her respect for Nicki’s talent, the two ladies did have a misunderstanding back in 2012. Nicki responded to a false blog post by calling Brat “sir” in a tweet. The Young Money artist later apologized for her comments.

Brat also revealed the public could be hearing her on tracks with Missy Elliott, Trina, Shawnna, and Vita in the future. The So So Def representative also claims she is working on two separate television shows.

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Watch Da Brat’s interview below.

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29 Responses to “Da Brat Speaks On Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea’s Potential Longevity (VIDEO)”

  1. docjambeats

    Brat is still a gorgeous woman. Like, even dressing down as she likes to do, her beauty still shines through. Her and Lisa-Raye being sisters is still cool to me. When I was a kid I wanted to impregnate them both. But I digress.

  2. bklyn reprezenta

    honestly only time will tell who’s going to be around in 20yrs and the way today’s music is there’s nothing in it to sustain a career because it’s for the here and now the reason why emcees from the 80s & 90s can still perform the made timeless music in todays time when these teenagers gown up there not gong to be checking for this music now out of sight out of mind

    • Ryan Cole

      Word. I honestly can’t see any of these current rappers rocking shows 10-20 years from now. Their fan bases are so retarded that they’re programmed to jump from bandwagon to bandwagon every six months.

      • Q.

        At the rate they’re going, will their fanbase even be alive in 10-20 years? *Shrugs*

      • bklyn reprezenta

        exactly because when you think of this music we listen to right now forget 20yrs from now nobody is going to be listening to this garbage in 2 months

      • FKA Babe

        Nicki, Missy, Lil Kim, Azealia Banks & Lauryn Hill sir. It’s what it is.
        Legendary Hip Hop Goddesses.

  3. Huggie Pacino

    Iggy is gonna last because if the industry want a white female rapper, they will have one! and now you can get upset and hate! BUT NONE OF YOU BLACKS WOULD STOP SUPPORTING NICKI WITH HER GARBAGE TO SPREAD THE SUCCESS OF COUNTLESS FEMALE RAPPERS TO STAND NEXT TO HER! ie: RapSody, Jean Grae, Nitty Scott, and etc

    • FKA Babe

      Shut up. NONE of them can do what Nicki does and Nicki can’t do what they do.
      And “none of you blacks”? Really? fu#k you cracka.

  4. Markus

    Brat’s had her day. If she would’ve started the way she finished her career going more sexy and less tomboyish,she may have been around longer.

    • Ryan Cole

      Thing is she would have to not be gay, and then not have any meaningful lyrics. Da Brat came along when it was cool for female rappers to actually be able to rap (or at least recite their ghostwritten rhymes very well). Kim and Foxy ruined it for females who actually were good at rapping because it’s easier for labels to sell tits and ass.

  5. big brain

    Iggy voice sounds better than most female rappers. They are hating on her because she is white and she reacts to them when she shouldn’t. If you grow up listening to black music most likely you are going too sound black. Like black country singers sound white.

  6. 5% Hov

    its 2015.
    I hope if Brat comes she comes fully.
    All this pretending like people still know who u is dropping 2 songs and thinking u come back.

    Brat can’t spit her ass off – but giuess what? The kids dont hear nor support that.
    The era of butch female MC’s died when Missy lost weight.

  7. ladynamor

    The Brat lived up to her name. She talked so much sh!t back in the day. She had a good run when JD was being pushed by the machine. Now that it’s over and I look back on it, it was just aight. She did a lot of corny stuff as well. Her butchness is annoying as well.

  8. Slaughtr


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