Lyrics From Nas, Drake, Rakim And Notorious B.I.G Will Be Featured On Sprite Cans This Summer

Sprite is one of the few brands that has regularly incorporated hip-hop into their campaigns and that is a tradition that they are continuing to uphold. For their summer 2015 campaign, “Obey Your Verse,” quotes from some of hip-hop’s finest will adorn the Sprite can.

“Sprite recognized and respected the power of Hip-Hop early, and it became a part of the brand’s essence decades ago,” said Kimberly Paige, Vice President, Sprite Brands and Flavors, Coca-Cola North America in a statement. “By honoring and recognizing great lyricism from some of the genre’s biggest icons on our product packaging, we’re demonstrating how Sprite continues to support hip-hop artists that remain true to themselves.”

Each can will feature one of 16 lyrics from the likes of Nas, the Notorious B.I.G, Rakim and Drake, who was featured in their “The Spark” campaign.

Nas also expressed his excitement about this campaign contributing to his legacy.

“When I wrote these lyrics, I never imagined my fans would someday have the opportunity to enjoy a can of Sprite and experience my art in a totally original way,” he said in a statement.

Peep the quotables on the cans below.

sprite cans obey your verse campaign

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