Karega Bailey Ft. Real Talk – “Hip Hop Culture”

If hip-hop is dead, Karega Bailey is giving it new life. Though the original definitions of hip-hop and hip-hop culture seem to get buried by more and more Iggy Azalea videos, there is a select few still keeping the origins alive. Bailey is one of them. As he prepares to unleash his full-length album Peace King, Bailey gave us a little taste of what he does best with his new video, “Hip-Hop Culture”. This is the most forward thinking hip-hop out there. Produced by Doc Battle, the track also features the lyrical scientist Real T@lk and addresses the lack of authenticity in mainstream hip-hop/rap. The hook sinks its teeth into the listener and won’t relent.

“This song is a tribute to hip-hop and the populous of hip-hop culture, an anthem if you will,” Bailey says. “When I created this song, I was hoping to make my O.G’s proud, you know, like Chuck D and KRS. I want to let them know that their teaching was not vain.”

Directed by the creative visionary Wildersee Harris, the black and white video is beautifully shot and truly captures the spirit of the song.

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