Dead Prez Address Rumors They Were Ghostwriters For Nas (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Writer Dream Hampton ignited a firestorm three years ago when she suggested on Twitter that Nas used New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica and Dead Prez member as ghostwriters on the Untitled album. Jay E later stated Nas did not need ghostwriters, and stic said his contributions to the album were “collaborations.”

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Fast forward to 2015, stic along with Dead Prez partner M-1 were once again asked about the allegations of writing rhymes for the Queens legend. Both emcees reiterated they never penned any of Nas’ lyrics.

“We worked with Nas, but I never ghostwrote anything for Nas,” said M-1.

“Come man, that’s Nas. That’s like saying I did all of Bruce Lee’s stunts,” added stic.

Nas addressed the rumors on his 2014 song “The Season.” The track included Esco rapping, “Jay Elec doesn’t write it.” During a concert later that year, Nas did admit his brother Jungle provided him the first four lines of his Stillmatic classic “One Mic.”

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Watch Dead Prez’s interview below.


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