Vince Staples, “We The Reason The Music Still Surviving Today”

Check out how Vince and OG Maco explain the mindset of this new generation of Hip-Hop with XXL’s 2015 roundtable with this year’s Freshman. After taking to Twitter about album sales, Vince has some words for the generation before him. In the eyes of Vince Staples, “music now is better than its been in a long time.” In the hands of a new generation “Urban and Black music is changing.” “We the reason the music still surviving today, its not the people that’s been here because they the ones that messed it up so to say, no disrespect, but thats the truth.” Hip-Hop has been misguided at times – is he wrong? Something up for debate in the barbershops, in the car and with your people in a cypher.


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