EXCLUSIVE: Common Discusses The Removal Of The Confederate Flag (VIDEO)

After a 21-year-old white man who killed nine black people at a historic black church in Charleston, SC in June, was shown to have written a racist manifesto and was seen in pictures waving the Confederate flag with pride, an uproar began about the flag and its historic meaning of hate.

On July 10th, the flag was taken down from South Carolina’s State Capitol in Columbia, SC. AllHipHop recently caught up with Common to get his take on this triumph and he described as a major step in changing race relations for the south.

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The Selma actor said that though the removal of the Confederate flag shows progress, police brutality against African Americans is another issue where change is needed.

“Along with taking down the flag we gotta make sure the young people ain’t being killed out there for no reason; just for being black, just for dressing a certain way.”

Watch the video below.

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11 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Common Discusses The Removal Of The Confederate Flag (VIDEO)”

  1. Papi Peligro

    Flag was a victory. Now we have to do our part. Right now cats too focus on individual confederate flag use and right now more people dying over blue red orange green flags, street you live on, and how close you are to cheif keef. Kid Rock rebel flag isn’t killing as many black people as NWA rags. We need to start looking into our own communities and start saying babies getting to school and try to do something with themselves need the support of these gangs. They already got the system against them using them and their plight to line their pockets.

  2. chicagostyl

    flag was a victory, but a very small one that really doesn’t get us anywhere as a community….

    like how we gunna be concerned about the flag and its history but we still call each other nigga….i just dont understand how folks dont see the connection there. The same white man that made the flag was the same man who called your great grandfather’s father nigga…yet here we are defending our right to use the word. But yall wanna take a flag down because it represents hate and slavery? wheredeydothatat?…but yall dont hear me tho

    • WIWYCB

      youre right this is small victory; a symbolic one but not a literal one in terms of policy & administrative & parental accountability.

      I agree about the usage of nigga(which I also don’t like) but we’ve bigger fish to fry. could you imagine how monumental a shift in progress we as a ppl would make if Chicago turned things around? even just a lil. the country is watching chi..if no one said the word nigga, CPS would still be jacked up, rham nd them still crooked, itd still be dudes shooting/killn each other. we need to start trickn on each other & our men protect.

      for example, when that 7 yr old boy was shot & killed july 4th, somebody saw it. somebody knew who shot him. 1 of 2 things should happen: whoop that mofos ass til he doesn’t have the strength to lift his hand to scratch his ass or let the cops get him(lock him up). feel me?? cuz we aint protecting lil kids & women anymore. aint nothing that serious that we killin 7 yr old, 6 month yr old, etc. neighborhoods need to speak up & tell these dudes get off they block w/them drugs nd ish. if enough blocks do that where the dealers gonna go? shit they can go to Naperville for all I care! our men gotta protect whats most valuable to our survival, progress, sustainability & that’s our women & children to include the cultivation of our minds. we gotta get this shit out our community..don’t see liquor stores, hair shops, church’s chicken up in or Winnetka. message has to be, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD ANYMORE! block by block!!! then, I believe if we can do that, which may take 2-3 generations+, we can think about economics. not saying we cant do both simultaneously, but wont be as efficient & sustainable. we cant build economincally when we killn each other over nickel & dime ish. prob not a popular opinion but just my thoughts

    • Papi Peligro

      All these words and sentimental things are used by politicians and so called leaders to distract you. Someone calling you the N word white or black never held you down. We need to get real words on paper to address our problems as a people. To start reduce the price of healthcare for business so that low income jobs and things can be cheaper. i’m not talking about Affordable Care Act or Welfare Hospital Corporations. I’m talking about reducing 20 dollar a tablet tylenol that people have to pay. Having a baby shouldn’t cost an Escalade with mother doing all the work. My other thing is getting kids the college degree they need @ the 11th and 12th grade. So they can come out and get a job. To me if you focus on that with the overtime rules that were propose by OBama would go a long way.

  3. bklyn reprezenta

    he makes a good point but bigger than taking down the battle flag we as black need to stop killing each other because we only seem to care when it’s another race killing us and not the wrongs where doing to each other

  4. Physical Evidence

    I understand when people see the flag they see a form of hated, but why does it take some twisted man with a sick point of view shooting up a church for us too see change? Taking down the flag is not going to stop hate or racism. As usual as in the past America has to blame something and I hate to say it but the flag is scapegoat and plus these people are looking for a vote back into their seat. In til we learn to respect each other black or white this is not going to end. You can’t assume that when a white man is wearing a t-shirt with a confederate flag on the fount he a racist or if a black man is sagging his pants he going to walk in and rob a store or shoot somebody. Racism is not going to end till we as a people (black and white) equal and stop judging one another. What did taking down the flag do? It didn’t bring them people back and now we have people going around in the south like a bunch of idiots and burning down black churches. So by thinking we stop the hate we our now building on it in a different way!

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