EXCLUSIVE: Common Discusses The Removal Of The Confederate Flag (VIDEO)


After a 21-year-old white man who killed nine black people at a historic black church in Charleston, SC in June, was shown to have written a racist manifesto and was seen in pictures waving the Confederate flag with pride, an uproar began about the flag and its historic meaning of hate.

On July 10th, the flag was taken down from South Carolina’s State Capitol in Columbia, SC. AllHipHop recently caught up with Common to get his take on this triumph and he described as a major step in changing race relations for the south.

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The Selma actor said that though the removal of the Confederate flag shows progress, police brutality against African Americans is another issue where change is needed.

“Along with taking down the flag we gotta make sure the young people ain’t being killed out there for no reason; just for being black, just for dressing a certain way.”

Watch the video below.