FRESH HEAT – David Sabastian – “Duh”

LA based rapper and designer David Sabastian and his crew ANTI Society have a brand new single and music video that just released today called “Duh.” Directed by Byron Atienza, co-direction by David ANTI and executive production by St. Gian, “Duh” pays tribute to 90’s hit music videos by influencers Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Puff Daddy, Ma$e and Busta Rhymes. Check it out below, pretty fresh.

““The Duh video is my aesthetic interpretation on pop culture,” explains Sabastian. “It illustrates a utopia of color and personality. It also gave me the opportunity to vicariously live through some of my biggest influences. I grew up idolizing hip-hop music videos and it’s partially the reason I became an artist in the first place….”


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