Safaree to Nicki Minaj: “Cut that Stupid Sh*t Out,” I Did A Lot of Your Writing!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Today (July 30), while walking through LAX, Safaree “SB” Samuels spoke candidly about his alleged contributions to Nicki Minaj’s discography. When the “Lifeline” lyricist was questioned if he wrote several of Nicki’s songs, he replied to the TMZ inquiry with, “100%.”

Earlier this week, on Monday (June 27), during The Pinkprint Tour stop in New York City, Nicki Minaj, took the stage and unequivocally declared, “A b*tch ass n**** can’t write my Raps. You know why? You don’t have the heart or the mind frame or the motherf**king intellect, b**** n****!”

In response to that scathing statement, StuntMan asserted, “It’s cool to get hype and say sh*t in front of a crowd when nobody knows better, but now people are going to know better.”

“Just know, I ain’t staying quiet anymore,” he declared to his former fiancée. After challenging why the Queens MC would be concerned about unfounded allegations, Safaree then challenged his ex and her new boo and added, “Any time you say something, I’m saying something back.” As the clip concludes he inserted a simple request “get off my d**k the both of y’all.”

Check out the clip. Did Safaree write for Nicki?

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