50 Cent Facing $200 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing The Concept Of ‘Power’

(AllHipHop News) Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was already dealing with filing for bankruptcy, and now the media mogul is being hit with a lawsuit over his Starz series Power. TMZ reports an author named Larry Johnson is suing 50 for allegedly stealing his idea.

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Johnson claims he sent a copy of his manuscript for Tribulation Of A Ghetto Kid to Nikki Turner at G-Unit Books in 2005. He believes the work eventually got into the hands of 50 and later became the premise for his hit show.

According to the suit, there are several similarities between Power and Tribulation. The main characters each have “goatees” and both project’s central supporting character (Tommy in Power) have short tempers.

Nightclubs are featured in Power and Tribulation as well. Plus, Johnson wrote his book under the pen name “Ghost” which is also the alias of drug dealer/businessman James St. Patrick in Power.

Larry “The Ghost” Johnson has written other books including the Tribulation Of A Ghetto Kid II and Tribulation Of A Ghetto Kid III. He also released Mass Appeal, The Thrill, and Cold Blooded.

Johnson is seeking $200 million in his case against 50.


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