EXCLUSIVE! OG Maco Talks Confronting Cops, Economic Slavery, & New Album

Photo Credit: Niki G.

People navigate unforeseen obstacles. At times these challenges are imposed from self. Then there are instances where oppression is categorically gifted to a certain segment of the population. Eventually, frustration coupled with the desire for self-improvement will propel people to act. Within this portion of OG Maco’s exclusive interview, the “Want More” rapper commences the convo with speaking on the subject of crooked cops.

“It’s not a color thing,” assures OGG. “I’m not saying go and kill all the white cops. There’s dirty ass black cops, too. I’m saying go shoot at the cops. If you see a cop doing something and it’s wrong; shoot at him! Beat him up! Throw a f**king rock at him. Disarm him. Destroy a car. Punch a hole in the tires — of whatever.”  He then somberly urges, “We’ve got to destabilize the establishment.”

Before speaking on his new album, Children of the Rage, the remainder of the discussion delves into the reasoning behind why he believes that boycotts are no longer effective.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDj19rQ2JjE&w=560&h=315]

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