Kid Cudi Releases Two New Songs In Wake of Album Update

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven, and Kid Cudi continues to release more music to get people excited for the album. That is if you’re looking for a Cudi in his WZRD stage that is, because the two singles he released earlier today are nothing like the Man on the Moon series. The first song, titled “Wedding Tux,” is a calm and subtle song that makes Cudi’s voice the core element. However, his other track “Judgemental Cunt” is the complete opposite, with the Cleveland singer/rapper and his background band taking an extremely aggressive approach than ever before.

Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven  is set to drop as a double-disc set, and Cudi will announce the official release date sometime this week. The two new songs followed an official update for the project via Twitter.

Check out the songs below.


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