Gillie Da Kid Says He Always Got Paid While On Cash Money Records (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) For years, Cash Money Records has been accused of holding back money owed to its artists. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the company for unpaid profits including one by the label’s premier act Lil Wayne.

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There were reports Gillie Da Kid started beefing with Wayne and Cash Money boss Bryan “Birdman/Stunna” Williams after he left CMR because of issues over publishing. The self-described “King of Philly” sat down with Mikey T The Movie Star to discuss his current take on Weezy and Birdman.

“I ain’t got no issue with them n*ggas. I never really had no issue with them n*ggas like that,” said Gillie. “Wayne was like my little bro when I was on Cash Money. I understand real beef from artificial beef. That’s not beef, that’s rap sh*t.”

He added, “One thing I never accused Stunna of was not paying me mines. I ain’t never have that problem. N*gga don’t owe me nothing.”

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Watch Gillie Da Kid’s interview below.

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30 Responses to “Gillie Da Kid Says He Always Got Paid While On Cash Money Records (VIDEO)”

  1. ApricotNapalm

    Dutch & Spade had a joint w/ Cam ….where he sht’d on em if it was a competition but that sht was mean either way. Shout Out to Major Figgas

  2. DR.WHO?

    NOBODY BELIEVES ME WHEN I TELL THEM HE WAS WEEZY’S GHOSTWRITER! it all makes sense though , Wayne’s whole style switched when gillie got there.

    • Lotty

      Influence and ghostwriter 2 different things nigga. Wayne went on to spit the hottest shit on earth AFTER gillie left fool. And how you ghost write some shit for another nigga better than anything you ever made in your life!!

      • DR.WHO?

        Wtf u calling me a fool for? U sound like you love lil Wayne. Do u kiss your homeboys on the lips too?

      • Lotty

        Says the nigga that sound like he love Gillie and walk around on a campaign convincing niggas Gillie ghostwrite for a nigga. Like you was signed to cash money or somn. Nigga Gillie even admitted that shit was a lie. Lame ass nigga

      • DR.WHO?

        Walk around? Wtf talking about girl? U sound like a fool…a kissing boys fool hahaha

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