Jeremih Isn’t Happy With The Way Def Jam Marketed His New Album “Late Nights”

Jeremih’s newest album Late Nights hasn’t had the best release start compared to many other albums this year. His label, Def Jam, has not been able to properly promote his album for it to successfully drop. Earlier this week, 50 Cent was the first to speak out about the incredibly high $18.99 price tag that came along with the album. And now, the “Birthday Sex” singer now shows his fans how pissed off he is about they way things have been handled.

Although Def Jam failed to put Jeremih’s new album properly, Late Nights has been getting critical acclaim. The Chi-Town singer has recieved notoriety from performing “Somewhere in Paradise” with Chance the Rapper last night on Saturday Night Live. Too bad his album can’t sale well, thanks to Def Jam.

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