EXCLUSIVE: TRU Records Artist Vs Explains C-Murder’s Issues With 2 Chainz (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Corey “C-Murder” Miller lit the internet on fire when he released his diss song directed at Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz. The “2 Stainz” track featured TRU-Bossalinie Records artist Vs dropping some bars as well.

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AllHipHop.com spoke with Vs over the phone, and the New Orleans native explained why he and C-Murder felt the need to call out 2 Chainz over his use of the T.R.U. tag. According to Vs, he met 2 Chainz in Louisiana years ago, and the Based on a T.R.U. Story album creator apparently expressed he was a fan of C-Murder and his brand.

“I never seen him with nothing T.R.U. on, but I did pay attention to the way he was all goo-goo eyed at the logo. Our logo has a certain appeal to it. I seen it in his eyes,” says Vs. “It seemed like right after Corey went to jail on that last time he got convicted [2 Chainz] looked at C-Murder with that life situation as an early retirement, and he thought he could run with it.”

TRU-Bossalinie Records Artist Vs

Vs and C-Murder apparently reached out to 2 Chainz, but they felt the Def Jam recording artist ignored their complaints about him biting the T.R.U. logo. While Chainz and Miller have spoken about the situation since the release of “2 Stainz,” Vs warns that matter is not necessarily settled completely.

“I just hope he stays under the radar, and he’s as solid as he says he was on the phone. And he don’t try and go out there and make himself look big and start slick dissing,” states Vs. “That’s only gonna put him in another situation, because right now we got off his ass just on grounds that it came out of his mouth that he didn’t really feel that way and wasn’t really trying to steal it. For all the fans out there, that’s what they need to know. He wasn’t cutting up on the phone. He was talking real f*cking nice.”

Vs adds, “We ain’t even gonna dwell on the situation no more. Unless he does something weird to try and make himself look good. Then he ain’t gonna be able to come back from that, and we ain’t gonna give a f*ck.”

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Listen to Vs’ interview in the video below.

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34 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: TRU Records Artist Vs Explains C-Murder’s Issues With 2 Chainz (AUDIO)”

    • that dude

      Exactly, and yet VS has C Murder releasing a song from jail and this dude home? Why VS ain’t bee dissin’ or reppin’ the brand from the outside?

      • biggbossverse

        because c wanted me keep low. .. do to a lot of shit wit his case. and all my niggas bout that life.. and wearin tru, in new orleans, around the cop’s that want to destroy c and his appeals. …wznt a good look.

      • Ipullcards

        Because truth is.. We all forgot about c murder! Titty boi kept his name semi alive. We all know where the tru usage came from.. This is just some corny thug, fool, ghetto hood rat nigg@ sh-1!

    • Watever

      I get what you’re saying, but Vs did say he and C tried to reach out 2 Chainz for awhile and he ignored them. Guess they felt they had to make it public for him to pay attention.

      • jeremy kingston

        Yea after listening twice it seems like he was trying to get at em before this.

    • STEPH

      You can hide, he can’t. It’s easy to say some slick shit on the internet when you don’t even post no photo, and a fake name Lol. That man has shows to do in N.O.

      • EL_BARK

        i hope you on the payroll all the dikeating u doing u better be getting a check

  1. RapItUp

    Just so the public knows, when we settled it on the phone, it was really dead then, and he didn’t say no slick stuff, so if he comes back saying slick stuff, then.. Oo, oo, I’ma be mad then!!

    Lol these dudes are such slaves… I’m all about standing up for the brand you built, but.. Bruh.. Vs sounds like SUCH a fool, I hope 2 Chainz responds to this ignoramus just because

    • STEPH

      He won’t bruh, you can check for it, wait for it, your gonna be waiting till Neveruary 21 Lol…..I can guarantee he don’t, then you can see how serious he takes these niggas lol. You can hide, he can’t LMAO!

  2. Rozay23

    He says he hopes 2chainz stay under the radar?? No one ever heard of this dude if anything he’s the one under the radar. I think what it boils down to was C-murder and his artist wanted there 5 seconds of fame. That time has came and passed. Time to move on

  3. Mike

    I been saying this for the longest why is 2chainz using TRU to profit when C-murder was a member of TRU since 94 and he had a label called TRU records since 98

      • Mike

        Learn your facts TRU was first Master P, King George, Big Ed, and Silkk in 1992 they released understanding the criminal mind. C-Murder didn’t join until the 93 album Who’s da killer and C recorded his first track sweated by the po po’s.

  4. ZUBU

    IMO…….. These Orleans dudes will touch him if he gets out of his lane…. He ain’t built for this… He’s a good dude, Them Boot Brothas, it’s different…… He’s been warned……

  5. Black Jay Supreme

    N*ggas are talking like they want it another way. Sounds like they’re mad he didn’t want beef. But if I’m 2 Chainz, why carry it like that? That dude is locked up. All you have to do is keep making money without mentioning his name and he’ll keep rotting in jail. You win with no sweat or damage to yourself.

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