The More The Merrier: Stevie J Recalls Threesome With Joseline & MiMi?

Almost two weeks ago,  AllHipHop exclusively announced  the Stevie J – Benzino mixtape, The Magnificent 757’s would be available on Jan. 22. Stevie J has earned critical-acclaim for his tenacious talent and for his entertaining antics.  The Golden Era producer has recaptured the pubic’s adoration after appearing on the popular VH1 docu-drama, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

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As a former cast member of the guilty pleasure Stevie J invited the world into his life. The veteran beatsmith openly discussed everything from faith to fornication. A love triangle would emerge between Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, and MiMi Faust. As the cameras captured their actions undaunted honest would emerge.

Eventually a salacious story surfaced surrounding an alleged threesome. In the past, MiMi would contend that an actual threesome never transpired. MiMi claimed that an eager Joseline only performed cunnilingus. In a recent interview, Stevie J has contradicted MiMi’s prior comments.

“I woke up. I didn’t sleep, I might have pretended to be sleep,” he told Bossip. After it got to to a point where I was like, ‘oh yeah! I was like watch out Joseline, hold on, slide over,” revealed a reminiscent Stevie J. Later, he would go on to assert that while he was initially sleeping after waking up he joined the festivities. “I might have been sleep at the beginning but I definitely got involved.”

Skip over to the 19 minute-mark to get all the juicy details.

Is MiMi or Stevie J telling the truth? Will a sex tape make its way to the public?

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