Ray J Says Kim Kardashian’s Vagina Smelled Terrible!

Photo via Kim K’s Instagram

Well in wild news, a Ray J review of Kim Kardashian’s vagina recently went viral. In an interview that happened about 8 years ago, Ray just felt the need to tell the interviewer that his ex-girlfriend Kim K’s vagina had a terrible smell. He said he had to tell her about the odor, and the next day it was fresh as a daisy. Now that the interview has gone viral, Ray J says he wants to focus on positivity only. Ouch Kim K! Why would Ray ever embarrass that girl like that. Over the years he seemed bitter and overly cocky at the same time.

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30 Responses to “Ray J Says Kim Kardashian’s Vagina Smelled Terrible!”

    • Steelmatic

      How so, this shit is old and he ain’t speaking on it right now…. dude is a chump, but he ain’t doing shit, media dragging out 8 year old interviews.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        You know what? AHH did just conjure this sh*t up like it’s new news. Still…. Ray J been trolling on Kim and Kanye for a minute. That’s the reason everyone accepted the validity of the story. But you’re right… It’s old news.

  1. stephen

    this dude and his bitch moves smh…..get over it man…she’s married and wit a guy that obviously doesn’t think so……

  2. RapItUp

    Ray J is the corniest of corn balls ever.. He’s actually got Nick Cannon, and (God I never thought I’d say this) Drake beat. I would just go on an oath of silence if I was forced to listen to either RJ or Drizzy, might tolerate Nick Cannon’s crap if he was a contender.. What a terrible way to start my Friday AM, thinking about this dilemma.. Super bowl weekend, wooooo!!!

      • RapItUp

        And for my SoCal playas… Cannabis cup poppin this weekend. Lol

      • Anthony Mason

        True. For the superbowl though I’m doing bacon wrapped bacon cream cheese filled jalapeños . My appetizer game is on point….

        I don’t even eat that s*** anymore but my friends do and it tastes damn good…lol!

      • RapItUp

        those sound pretty frickin good!! yea Sunday should be a good day!

  3. Justice

    He said it smelled once 8 years ago in an interview…I can believe that..maybe he came over once she didnt tap that ass that morning!

  4. Ricky Bbg

    Like ray j lame af this Nigha ate the box now it stinks so what does that say bout your mouth Bruh cut it out just be Brandy’s brother and chill out before we get fab on yo lame ass again 😂😂😂

  5. In Black America Radio

    So KK pus stank…………and this come from a guy who brags on having BOOTY GOONS. eo if the pus did stink on RAY J watch……………im saying, what are we really talking bout

  6. Weedras

    i can’t decipher how chicks throw pvssy at these dudes and they run their mouths more than the neighborhood gossipers.. i’m stumped!!

  7. ebonyhud

    I hope she didn’ douche for this assh*le. That’s unhealthy. Hopefully she went to a doc to see the real cause. I’ve read that a lot of times its not even a hygiene issue…..more so like PH and sh*t

    Guys get soooooo funky and have the nerve to talk.

    • Midnight

      Yep RayJ probably had a bacteria infested penis that contaminated Kim. He is the foul one. Even if this is true, who says things like that about a person they once had a relationship with? She doesn’t say a word about him, but he’s still riding on the Kim train. Go away RayJ.

  8. ApricotNapalm

    ngas trippin for reprinting this sht- despite how u feel about her she is human with a mother & Kids……this sht is fckd up- supposed to be allhiphop- yall ngas a blog site now, gossipy gus ass ngas. i lost a little respect…..-real talk i’d put hands on a nga for this sht. walk str8 in your office -we gotta do better as a whole yall ngas skip the gotta do better part & just a holes. if this was something about your mother or sister or daughter or wife……come on bruh

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