Someone’s Airing Out Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s Old Business

It’s almost a decade since Kim Kardashian became a viral star off of her sextape with Ray J, but their business still continues to be recognized in pop culture. However, someone has been airing out more dirty laungery about the two’s old relationship. According to TMZ, Ray J’s attorney has sent a cease and desist letter to an Maxwell Billieon for leaking old interviews defaming Kardashian. Billieon has until Monday to explain why the video was released without Ray J’s consent. Otherwise, the owner of Billieon Group will be seeing him in court.

According to the report, this video, titled “Ray J’s Doctor Diagnoses Kim Kardashian Smelly Na-Na,” was originally created about 8 years ago as a book idea. However, the book was never publish.

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