Is Kanye Done Playing Nice: PT 2 Of Ray J Dissing Kim K Surfaces? (Audio)

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Just like shooting off a gun, once you say something there’s no way to take it back. Only an apology may be issued. It looks like Ray J might have to humble himself, get on his knees, and extend an apology to Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West.

Recently, more audio from a touchy interview was published on Diary of a Hollywood Street King’s YouTube page. Eight years ago, this information was exchanged between host Max Billeon and Ray J. The artist and entrepreneur graphically explained  Kim’s alleged feminine odor.

Brandy’s brother had a lot to say, “I had to make sure her pu**y was clean because her pu**y was like really filthy in the beginning, and just funk’d out. And I know its sounds crazy to think about her like that, but that was real,” he claimed. The putrid smell was so distressing that the “I Hit It First” singer sought medical consultation.

“And I had to go and tell (medical doctor), gotta talk you, my girlfriend’s pu**y stink And he’s like, ‘You gotta tell her.’ And I was like, somebody’s gotta tell her, I can’t keep doing this,” explained the reality-show star. Ray then revealed his thoughts behind the horrific stench.

Unabashed honesty propelled the dialogue. He believed that a liquid-filled and overused vagina-hole lead to the unusually pungent aroma. “It stunk because it was dirty, because it had c** all inside of it. Probably from other n****s. And probably she just had a dirty, filthy p***y and nobody told her. Nobody told her her pu**y stink.”

Finally a concerned Ray J would bring up the bothersome issue. With his motivation Kim is said to have visited her OBGYN. It was revealed that a yeast infection was the culprit.


As always, communication is key to a healthy relationship.

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