Lil Wayne Pours Bubbly On His Samsung and Debuts ColleGrove With 2 Chainz

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne has teamed with Samsung to launch and promote the new Samsung Galaxy S7 in several new commercials.

Samsung, which also utilizes Public Enemy’s classic “Welcome to the Terrordome” in a new spot, hosted an invite only show last night (March 12) at SXSW in Austin. The event was part of Samsung’s SXSW Galaxy Life Fest and featured a live show from Public Enemy and the debut performance by Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz as ColleGrove.

Public Enemy opened the night, with a high energy performance of the Chuck and Flav’s most notable songs.

2 Chainz hopped on the stage, where he performed his solo songs, followed by Lil Wayne who did the same.

Then it was time for the moment everyone was waiting for. Both two chains and little Wayne reemerged on the stage, and performed several selections from Collegrove. Backstage, Wayne forward champagne over his new S7 to prove how water-resistant it actually is.

Samsung’s new spot “Champagne Calls” doubles down on the fact that the new S7 is completely water proof, and apparently its champagne resistant too.

In the advertisement titled “Canoe,” Lil Wayne enlists the help of actor Wesley Snipes to promote Samsung’s push into VR as well as the S7.

The VR jokes continue in this one titled “Elephant.” Once again, Wayne is joined by Wesley Snipes, only this time the rapper gets tied up – delivering a baby elephant.

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