KRS One Releases New Diss Song Against From MC Shan After Intimidating Phone Verse

KRS One has released a diss track against MC Shan after Shan reported that their “Bridge Wars” rap battle never happened on the Murder Master Music Show last week. According to Watchloud, Shan reported:

“Me and [KRS-One have] never battled, ever. I don’t care [what some say]; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doin’ what they do. I just went off on him a couple of months ago. He’s my man and all that, but yo, I’m tired of [KRS-One] sayin’ that [he] took me out, when you ain’t never did shit!”

The rapper then followed up by releasing a phone verse to once again challenge KRS One in a battle last week.

However, KRS then replied with his brutal diss record “Still Huggin’ A Nut”, which actually brings up the lost that MC Shan supposedly took 30 years ago during the Bridge Wars.

Check out the song below.

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123 Responses to “KRS One Releases New Diss Song Against From MC Shan After Intimidating Phone Verse”

    • mr morgan

      I resent that, I came up in the 90s and wasn’t nobody rockin KRS in 93, wit all due respect to em, but all that shit happened in the 80s lol

      • DaManDL

        wait..hold up. You mean to tell me you wasn’t hearing “Sound of Da Police”, “Black Cop”, “Outta Here”, “Return of the Boom Bap” in ’93?

        What was you listening to if you didn’t hear these rocking in ’93.

      • mr morgan

        Nah Im from Md, 93, we had Biggie, Pac, Bone Thugs, Red Man, Naughty by Nature, Eazy and Dre was going through their beef, and etc, wit that bein said wasn’t nobody rockin KRS, I thought his flow was out dated then, he always have and will have that 80s flow

      • mr morgan

        Yep, Biggie was on Mary J’s Real Love remix in 93, like I said wasn’t nobody rockin KRS and if I’m not trippin the joint he did wit Super Cat came out around 92

      • mademan3000

        Heard it, but ish was trash, to be popping ur ish has to be jamming fam! That wasn’t the “Love’s Gonna Getcha” or “My Philosophy” Kris! Dude had fallen off to me already by then.

      • Apex Productionz

        Man you are CRAZY for that stupid statement. KRS was POPPING in 93.smh

      • mr morgan

        Maybe where U was at, but where I was that shit gets no love

      • mademan3000

        I beg to differ, uhm NO HE WASN’T! Examples please and I’ll gladly apologize if I’m wrong sir!

      • Apex Productionz

        93 He released “Return of the Boom Bap” Half the songs on the album produced by D.J. Premiere.It was his FIRST solo album not using the Boogie Down Productions name.With singles like ‘Outta here” and “Sound of the Police”.Oh yeah i am from Brooklyn NY where were you at that time bruh? He was in heavy rotation on NY radio and video shows.Not as big as Dre but he was out there.smh

      • mr morgan

        Yeah U sound like a fan, but outside of NY wasn’t nobody rockin KRS around 93, his flow was too out dated by then

      • Apex Productionz

        Not a fan .I just know my hiphop history.I also had the vinyl back then caus i used to d.j. when i was a teen.YOU were not rocking with Krs in 93.That is what you MEANT to say.*corrected*

      • mr morgan

        Nah wasn’t nobody rockin KRS in 93, thats what I meant, maybe some of the older kats from his era kept him alive, but in 93 I was a teen and I know for a fact that the younger crowd wasn’t listening to him, only reason LL made it was cause of the bitches, other than that niggaz was really rockin his stuff either, every now and then he might give us something, like that classic Cannabis battle

      • Apex Productionz

        lmao you have no idea what you are talking about.LL COOL J had hard tracks.Did you NOT hear Mr.Smith album and “Who shot ya”, 1,2,3,4,5,Zoom with Dr.Dre,Can-i Bus dis track for starters.LL didn’t JUST cater to the ladies.Now back to the topi at hand you said and i quote “nobody was rocking krs 1 in 93.” That is a BLANKET statement and it is FALSE.H e even had hit records in 95 with M.CS act like they don’t knw and then in 97 with Step into the light.Dude just admit you are WRONG.I have given you proof that people must have been listening to him.How old are you and again i ask WHERE WERE YOU IN 93 that “NOBODY WAS NOT ROCKING KRS 1”?

      • mr morgan

        Like I said U sound like a fan, to make things fair I was and still am a huge Eazy E/ NWA fan back then, and the truth of the matter was wasn’t nobody rockin that shit when I was comin up, thats why I don’t understand where all these fans comin from today, but my reason for bringin it up, Eazy was going platinum and gold before he died, but I didn’t know too many fans, I guess most of em were on the Westcoast, thats what I’m sayin about KRS he was most likely and probably still is the shit in NY, but outside of that ain’t nobody listening, unless U came from that era and grew up on his music

      • Apex Productionz

        Once again i liked a few of his records but i can’t call myself a fan as i only had one of his albums and never paid for it.Like i said before i just KNOW MY HIPHOP HISTORY and i love to supply factual evidence of what i write.So basically what you MEANT to say was “Nobody from your AREA in 93 was rocking KRS-1” *corrected*.THIS i can understand but you still fail to answer my question.WHERE were you living in 93 that no one was rocking KRS-1 around you? I am now very curious to know your answer.If you say on the Westcoast THEN that would make perfect sense cause KRS was and is primaraly an eastcoast rapper with deep roots in Bronx,NY. and i can’t imagine him getting the same attention over there that he did on the east.Any way if you don’t want to tell me where you were living then it is what it is.

      • Apex Productionz

        Oh how could i forget he also released a VERY controversial and political record called “Black cop” in 93 that even got the news media attention but you say nobody was rocking krs1 back then.smh

      • Apex Productionz

        Not a fan i just know my hip hop history and i also had the vinyl back then cause i used to d.j. YOU were not rocking K R S -1 back in 93.That is what you MEANT to say. *corrected*

      • Knickfan4life

        He had his biggest album of his career in 1997

    • Leonard Shelton

      his lyrics are subliminal over alot of peoples heads. He took everything Shan said and answered it. The title still huggin a Nut destroys Shan’s WHACK FLOW!!!!!! Hip hop didnt need your career so I erased it. I destroyed Shan in 86 so this must be his ghost come on son!

  1. Justin Greed

    Young Chops dad went in!

    All jokes aside, while Shan had some lines, KRS killed him and would kill him over and over again if he dares to respond.

  2. MR.INC

    shan still got his hype shit and speaks clearly. krs1 is different
    now,and raps like he got a bunch of chit in his mouth. if they battle
    shan will roast him. i think krs1 knows this. so he will run and say i
    already took shan out. NOT. battle him on stage and stop running KRS1

    • Papi Peligro

      Exactly he might have took him in the past but that verse bout to get him ripped he should have came harder..

  3. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Thats all KRS??????????? What the FRUCK is that whack sh.t KRS just spit… Did he hear Shan or this is going to end up like Drake = Shan and Meek = KRS battle…. KRS has to come harder though, damn don’t throw Nas Illmatic out there like that cause you know that young’n got that ether candle still burning

    • The Notorious GUNS

      To me this was just a light jab, but he had a dope punchline (You flow wack, and lemme say this for my black kids / Technically I ain’t take you out Shan, the crack did),

      and a slick double entendre (You don’t even rap good. G you not hood / You the opposite of Nas just spell your name backwards *Nahs*).

  4. edeck7

    BLASTERMASTER KRS-1 just destroyed what was left of MC SHAN with the 1st sentence. KRS-ONE is the GOAT of in HIP-HOP PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. J. Smith

    Hip Hop will never be this again. That f***ing sucks. I miss this type of hip hop. Not “Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?”.

    • JerZeBoy

      you said it homie. thats why the radio in my truck is useless…………only rappers out today to try to keep this hiphop alive like Slaughterhouse, dont sell becasue the world has turned into simpleminded people.

  6. JerZeBoy

    KRS is no joke still. Whatever happen when he trew that shot about LL a few motnhs ago when he “battled” that fan?

  7. STFUUIgnants

    KRS should bring the reggae style back for this battle. Shan’s verse was a little more lyrical, but KRS has the best lines. Undercard on a URL event?

      • Q.

        Shan’s verse was harder than any diss Meek ever spit…but so random. I’m scratching my head at the timing. Probably took Shan 30 years to craft them bars. LOL


    eff the bs. They should both just meet up somewhere and battle in person on stage. They can do it off the books or I’m sure some promoter would love to make some money off it and make it a big event.

  9. ShortDogg

    Krs 1 damn…. My Nukka went in hard. Now that is what you call lyricism young ladies and gentlemen of this F’ed up new age rap shit!

  10. ShortDogg

    …but KRS 1, please do not mention Nas! Watch that slick shit!!!! I know you did not mean any harm but Nas will come out and ether your old ass!

    Nas the greatest rapper of all time! Greatest diss “Ether” record of all time! Greatest rap “illmatic” album of all time!

      • ShortDogg

        You are being funny, right?

        Hahhhhhhh! Hah! Ha! Hah! Any Nukka that would battle Nas is crazy. Actually be Insane! Ask Jay!

    • Nightmare

      Ether is a great diss record. But I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest of all time. Top 5 though.✌🏾️🚶🏾

  11. Notsolucky

    Anyone have trouble reading the title of this article or am I special?

    “KRS One Releases New Diss Song Against From MC Shan After Intimidating Phone Verse”

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