A Cash Money Biopic With Untold Stories Is On The Way

Cash Money co-owners Birdman and Slim recently revealed that they are currently in the early stages of developing film scripts for a Cash Money biopic. Birdman said,

“Everything we’ve ever did – and I got 20 plus years selling records – nothing we ever did is worth more than that script. I’m excited about the script. That’s something I really want to do.”

Birdman was inspired by ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and its success.

“I think that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube…I think they are geniuses for what they have done and accomplished. For them to do that and to make it trend-setting, they opened doors for us. And I just think that what we have is way more special, because we’re in modern times,” said Birdman.

Slim revealed that the biopic will feature a lot of untold stories of things that happened in the background of their company before their deal with Universal. There are no dates set in stone as of right now, but seeing the Cash Money story on the big screen would be dope. What’s your favorite Cash Money hit?

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