Skepta Hits #1 With New Album KONNICHIWA

(AllHipHop News) UK MC Skepta is celebrating a #1 record, thanks to his latest full length release KONNICHIWA.

The full length release comes after the success of Skepta’s first for singles from the album (“Ladies Hit Squad,” “That’s Not Me,” “Shutdown” and “Man), which of garnered a total of 50 million views around the Internet.

The album was released through Skepta’s his own label Boy Better Know, which reportedly inked a deal with Drake in February.

As for KONNICHIWA, the album is currently perched at number one on Apple’s iTunes Hip-Hop chart for the U.K.

KONNICHIWA, which features guest appearances from Pharrell Williams and rappers Novelist, JME, Wiley and members of the Boy Better Know collective.

Order KONNICHIWA here and check out the track list below:

  1. Konnichiwa
  2. Lyrics – Skepta, Novelist
  3. Corn On The Curb – Skepta, Wiley
  4. Crime Riddim
  5. It Ain’t Safe – Skepta, Young Lord
  6. Ladies Hit Squad – Skepta, D Double E, A$AP Nast
  7. Numbers – Skepta, Pharrell Williams
  8. Man
  9. Shutdown
  10. That’s Not Me – Skepta, JME
  11. Detox – Skepta, BBK
  12. Text Me Back

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19 Responses to “Skepta Hits #1 With New Album KONNICHIWA”

    • The Wackness Vs Dope

      blu is the best rapper out right now and no one knows it. If you like that track check out Blu, MED & Madlib – The Strip

      • Knickfan4life

        Yep got that, been rocking with Blu since below the heavens. They need a website for all the real hip hop . And let people know they don’t have to be a slave to the radio garbage.

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        The GodleeBarnes album thats an incredible album even with the bad sound quality – even with the bad sound quality its better then TPABF easy, the Jesus joint, Her fav colour, give me my flowers, good to be home crazy discography hip hops best kept secret.

      • Knickfan4life

        Also pick up that raashan Ahmad ceremony album 👍

  1. Aaron Edwards

    This guy took the oath look at the artwork on the back, the color scheme black and red and the blackwards text.

    Its no coincidence that him and Drake are new best friends.

    Now all of sudden hes number one

    • Aaron Edwards

      Look at the back cover there are a number of signs that are clues.

      Ie the 8 anarchy symbols, look up what the anarchy symbol reprensents

      Not to mention the devil head

      Then you have the numbers ‘616’ all these things have secret meanings they are not random

      You think he just put randam drawings on his back album?

      They are all very siginifcant

      • Steven Harvey

        i totally agree but the album is dope so most wont be able to see past the smoke and mirrors

      • Aaron Edwards

        I wouldnt know cos i dont even listen to the bullshit (hip hop) no more not even jay, kanye, kendrick its all the same. You listen to it and your inviting the spirits into you, your home and your life.

        Once you stop listening for a month and come back you will see everything with a much clearer eye and it will sound as demonic as it is.

        Your right it may be dope but dope is not good for you ask a dope fiend.


  2. water_ur_seeds

    Wow, congrats to Skepta its being a long fckn road now its paying off… Surprised Drake didnt get on the album…


    I Always thought the Black UK culture was always really authentic and Rough. One of my favorite shows is the Show “Top Boy” on Netflix about everyday in the Hood in UK.

    • Anthony Mason

      They are real out in the U.K. They don’t play. I’ve been out there…

      People might not get shot much because of the gun laws but fists, machetes,bats on deck all day. Plus they just don’t tolerate f***ery like we do here…

  4. Golgo 13

    i was expecting a lot of negative comments on here but I m surprised i don’t see any apart from the 1 person saying something about the artwork theres gd songs on this but i wouldn’t say its his best album 2 many old songs didn’t expect it to go number 1 At all

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