Rae Sremmurd…$70K Fee and No Cussing For College Show…But Hold The Ones And Ace of Spades!

Rae Sremmurd is set to play Cal State Fullerton’s Spring Concert…with one catch…no cussing.

According to a contract Rae Sremmurd signed with Cal State, the group is set to perform a 60 minute set as co-headliners of the Spring Concert for a cool $70,000.

The guys were gracious enough to leave out the $300 in ones they typically get, as well as two bottles of Ace of Spades and a bunch of other liquor.

Better have them Super Soakers and beach balls though…

Rae Sremmurd Contract

Rae Sremmurd Contract

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44 Responses to “Rae Sremmurd…$70K Fee and No Cussing For College Show…But Hold The Ones And Ace of Spades!”

    • ZUBU

      I feel what you’re saying and I would not want any parts of this, but who ever is promoting must be getting a nice chunk of change for giving these lil’ dudes this much…

      • Markus

        I would imagine so. What are these institutions of higher learning thinking about blowing so much money on rappers who represent anything but what their student body came to school for in the first place?

      • bluelight74

        They aren’t institutions of higher learning anymore, if they ever were. They are profit making machines and social stratification maintainers. If you get the money to go you can receive training and network connections, if not too bad, remain poor. Raise the cost of attendance to the stratosphere =
        profit, hold concerts and other events that have nothing to do with learning = profit.

        Rinse and repeat.

      • Anthony Mason

        Plus they teach you how to conform in your prime years. 19-23 you are being told how to conduct your life and put on a path based on your degree….

        Funny how the movie divergent is so popular. We are not caged stupid animals with one skill. We can do everything….literally anything we put our minds to…..

      • Casor_Greener

        A few of us are. There are a lot of stupid people on this earth

      • Celz

        Csuf is actually a public university with one of the breast deals on education in CA. The California State University system is the single biggest spend source for new degrees in the US mainly because it’s quality education at cheap prices..

      • bluelight74

        It is a great system, however it is falling prey to the proponents of privatization. While it’s still public, its tuition rates are rising sharply, putting it out of reach for many of the students it would have served easily in past years. This is merely the first step.

      • Celz

        It’s rising but it’s still the most affordable. The issue lies more with income inequality and inflation.

  1. Controversy Sells

    I play Tom clancy game on ps4,.and one of my regulars from va love these kids. Now I’m 28, he’s only 15. . Me and the rest of the crew are trying to open this kids eyes to real hip hop lol

  2. Anthony Mason

    Throwing up the baphomet like perfect slaves. Perfect little slaves. These guys used to be homeless…. They would lick the run off from from a dumpster to not be broke and now the conglomerate is giving them money hand over fist to say absolutely nothing in their music. They need your kids (teens to college age) to be stupid and malleable so they send these two uneducated f***tards to carry out the mission….

      • Anthony Mason

        It has a huge backstory and history. You would just be better off looking up….

    • Weedras

      damn bruh.. how you go from making valid commentary to now making foil paper hat bullshit comments…. religion got ya’ll fxxked up…

      • Anthony Mason

        Satanism is a religion…

        You better learn something or stop questioning my observations….

      • Anthony Mason

        You need to step out of the dark. The excuse of Ignorance becomes void once someone reveals truth.

        That is what you are concerned about . Not about what I said…..

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