Trick Daddy Wonders If Birdman Cried When He Got Back To The Car

Trick Daddy wants you to know he certainly isn’t the least bit worried about Birdman! Trick kept it humorous when answering a reporter’s questions about Birdman’s classic yet short-lived Breakfast Club interview. The interviewer asked Trick Daddy what he thought about Charlamagne putting his name in the mix. Trick replied saying,

“You gonna make Baby pull up on you.”

Trick gave Charlamagne credit for standing his own ground and poked a little bit of fun at Birdman.

“Charlamange looks like he stood his ground. Do you think Baby cried when he got in the car?” said Trick.

Trick hasn’t been concerned about Birdman coming his way since day 1. Trick told yall long ago that he was a thug. LOL


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