Perez Hilton Takes A Shot At Nicki Minaj, Her Brother, & Meek Mill!

Blogger Perez Hilton and Nicki Minaj are typically known for a clap back or two, but this time around it may have been Perez who gave us the entertainment. The blogger took to Twitter to kick off a nasty feud with Minaj. He seems to be most bothered by the fact that Nicki took time out to tweet her new music, but she hasn’t commented on the Orlando shootings. He was further enraged upon noticing that she also liked a tweet by a fan who blasted him for not having a life outside of d-ck eating. Hilton responded by saying,

“I see that @NickiMinaj liked this tweet. Yes I love sucking d-ck. But mine are all over 18, unlike her brother xo.”

As if taking a shot at Minaj and her brother who is facing rape charges wasn’t bad enough, Hilton also came for Meek as he said,

“I am not scared of @NickiMinaj or @MeekMill. I don’t pay Meek much mind. You know like almost everybody else. #Views.”

#Savage. He brought Nicki’s brother into it as well as Drake’s success. Perez has no chill at all! Should Nicki have issued a statement about the Orlando tragedy?

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88 Responses to “Perez Hilton Takes A Shot At Nicki Minaj, Her Brother, & Meek Mill!”

  1. therealjjohnson

    You must support gays or people say you hate them. It’s a totally irrational way of looking at things. You can not support something and still respect the individual. You can not support something and not hate the individual. I dislike how the views of heterosexual men and women are not respected anymore. People can agree to disagree and still live in peace.

  2. Markus

    As far as her acknowledging the Orlando shooting, that’s her perogative to do so or not. And someone from the media shouldn’t take it upon himself to bully a response out of her. She makes music so if she’s more concerned with promoting something new instead of social awareness of this issue,it’s not that serious. Nicki Minaj isn’t an activist. Where I refuse to go with them both is when what could have been a civil debate on social standings and agendas turns into a hair pulling catfight. Miss me with all that.

  3. Lucille3211

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  4. Poseidon

    This dude talking wreckless. Ain’t nobody need to say anything or feel some type of way about the shlt you personally get down with. Homie just fired off at the mouth like a spoiled little kid who didn’t get a gift from that relative he was expecting on Christmas. Ain’t nobody obligated to do nothing for your sake. Shut your mouth and take two seats, little fukkboy….

    • William Petmack

      TRUMP 2016!! hope he gets rid of welfare so you folks wont be buying 40oz and hot cheetos with that guvment money

      • ZUBU

        Actually far more white Americans than anyone else in the is country are on welfare, and that is not even mentioning the corporate welfare that many of your elites receive.
        Don’t worry you will still get your welfare check in West Virginia so you can still buy Pabst Blue Ribbon and bang your cousin as often as you like….

      • D_Ably

        And while we’re all not doing that we should also remember that some people on the internet jst say sht to get ppl mad. Sorry, did i just say ‘some people’?

      • Fight Racism With Racism

        I don’t get stooping to there level. This was an opportunity to be better than a racist and instead Zubu stoops to his level and people reward him with likes.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Dude this is social media and it comes with the territory I know ppl that love to troll and get a reaction out of ppl.I know black ppl that go on black sites and talk hateful stuff about black ppl just to get attention..

      • Concerned Citizen

        Hahahaha what an uneducated clown!! you have no clue who actually uses welfare!

    • Furiousone

      Just flag him, block him and keep it moving. No point in feeding the trolls. This is why Donald Drumpf will lose.

  5. William Petmack

    TRUMP 2016!! hope he gets rid of welfare so you folks wont be buying 40oz and hot cheetos with that guvment money!!

  6. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    Not saying Nicki HAS to respond to what happened in Orlando but a huge part of her success is because of LGBT. Remember she started out working that angle. That said, “gee ay why” men are so much more b1tchier than actual women.

  7. Madamsjr01

    I hate her and how she jacked Kim’s entire style.. looking more and more like her 15 minutes is about up. The gay community have her on life support

      • Innocent Bystander

        Sounds like wishful thinking to me. You’re going to have to form your lesbian sister club with someone else, boo. It’s been a pleasure. I’m sure you’re a great person, otherwise. 🙂

      • Keyser Soze

        Nah you can’t.. it’s knowledge vs your attempt at making a derogatory reference…

      • Fight Racism With Racism

        Cave dweller is derogatory. Fight fire with fire.

      • Keyser Soze

        Without getting too deep… the Africans actually did pull the Europeans out of the caves and enlighten them… Had they chucking spears also because they taught them how to hunt…

      • Fight Racism With Racism

        Both are historically accurate then. If white people are cave dwellers than black people are spear chuckers. Shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Keyser Soze

        Only a problem if it’s being used in a racist context… on either side other than that.. it’s not a problem…

      • Fight Racism With Racism

        Agreed. I was only using it in a racist context if the original poster was. If not than I wasn’t.

  8. Secret Agent Man

    A lot of good human beings died in that club. Gay, straight or otherwise. It’s a shame Perez Hilton couldn’t have taken one of there places.


    The gay community is just having an IDGAF moment because they feel like they are being targeted for death now. It will pass.

    • Elijah Snow

      Well, we were targeted for death. We constantly are. The only ones erasing that fact is the people who would like to keep us as their own personal punching bags. You know, like the KKK and half the african american community.

      • Secret Agent Man

        Even the most hateful ones aren’t happy about what happened though. Some i’m sure but that’s a small minority.

  10. RichFromBX

    Just because someone hasn’t publicly said or did something it doesn’t mean they don’t care or have done anything.

    The whole “social media mourning” that happens after a tragedy is completely disingenuous. Celebs and everyone else feel like they have to say something and try and sound so sorrowful. You have publicists telling these celebs “best if you put something out so you don’t get bashed later on”. Worse are the people who attempt to attach themselves “that could could’ve been me. 15yrs ago I meet a gay gentleman on a flight to Orlando” – stop it already

  11. Black Jay Supreme

    I like to call this the “Chip on the shoulder” syndrome. After an event like the murders, most people in that lifestyle are walking around hypersensitive. And rightfully so, I might add. But putting those negative feelings to positive use is a hard Jedi trick for most people and Perez just became another example of that. Granted, he straight iced Nicki on dissing sh*t but his antics would’ve been better served using his status to push for something to help people like him. He tried to be funny but in the end came off like a hypersensitive gay fool who cares more about his b*tch emotions than for his kind. Sometimes gay dudes be acting more b*tch than women….😂😂😂

  12. D_Ably

    That sht about her brother was funny af. I wouldn’t expect someone like Minaj to give a crap about anything socially like that anyway, chicks an airhead.

    • Fight Racism With Racism

      Depends on what you mean by win. The guy who shot 50 of them to death in a club probably felt like he won.

      • stephen

        yep also depends on your perspective….he probably shot the club up cuz he felt he lost…..take it back to him being on those gay dating sites…..his father did say he got mad when he saw 2 dudes kissing….probably was his ex on the low… madd and shot the place up..maybe his ex the dude he saw kissin the other dude was there and his motive for going there…..but we’ll never know…and im reaching lol……

      • Fight Racism With Racism

        I still think the shooter was taking it up the a** on the low.

      • stephen

        def was…just a confused guy….a muslim but also gay…..

    • Two_guns_Billy

      PPl don’t know gays run America.Why you think ppl careers get impacted when saying homophobic things now…Most rappers are scared to say fa$$ot in their rhymes now..

      • stephen

        i agree 100 percent… they have to clarify what they mean when they say Fa$$ot…

      • Two_guns_Billy

        You forgot they made him perform with Elton John?

  13. MrTroyMercy

    I hate gays like Perez Hilton, the ones who talk chit but scream hate crime after they get beat down. He make gays look bad smh. I can’t stand this guy.Sort of like Fred from MTO.

      • MrTroyMercy

        What the f**k are you trying to say? Did you even read the article? He made it gay when he was talking about suck d**k and implying that her brother suck young d**k . I’m proudly part of the problem becaus i hate the gays like Perez Hilton , you know the ones who talk chit , picks fights , gossip about people but scream hate crime when he gets attacked?;I have nothing against gays but I hate the gays who do the chit that Perez Hilton does. He starts chit but tuck in his tail when chit get real.

      • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

        Im on ur side bruh. Gay ppl are so arrogant.

      • BlackPegasus

        Dude shut the f*ck up. You’re a homophobe!

  14. JerZeBoy

    Perez aint afraid to say what he wants, and it aint like Meek would do anything, we already have seen that when Drake chumped him up twice, and Drake is like a gay guy lol j/k

    • STEPH

      Reason Meek hasn’t touched Drake is quite simple…..When Diddy slapped him YouTube the God father of the South James Prince and his message to Diddy after that happened which in turned prompted a quick, fast, and a hurry apology from Diddy LMAO!

  15. Justin Page

    Whose Perez Hilton? Lmao.. Yeah of course meek ain’t gonna do anything he is on probation dumbasses. He sure will get someone to do it tho. He got Quentin Miller jumped in LA. Drake hasn’t got it yet cuz he rolls around with 8 body guards. He will get it again just like when diddy smacked him and the one dude peed on him lol lol

      • I_AM_Houston

        I still dont believe that happened in a movie venue with other celebs around.

      • STEPH

        I do. People like Drake seems like he would be real reserved around some str8 hood muthaf—–, and I can see it happening with maybe dude saying “my bad” while still laughing about the s—, and Drake saying “nah bruh you str8” LOL! If it was like that soon as I heard T.I. talking about it I would have address that s— off top, you can compare that to getting spit on…It’s a Respeck thing LMAO!

      • STEPH

        Watch T.I. interview when he was explaining it, and you can see he was reluctant to tell the story but as a man and you knowing it wouldn’t happen to you…..You just had to tell it because nothing happened behind CAP doing it which I’m sure Tip couldn’t believe….in his head he was probably thinking “You gonna just let someone piss on you bottom line” LOL!

    • Jeff

      We all know Meek isn’t gonna do anything, we all saw his boxing skills when he was attempting to punch the heavy bag!!!! Lol.

  16. Mary2541

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  17. 5% Hov


    I’m with Perez on this one.

    Nicki brother is straight a rapist. And that ole bible nonsense needs to end – especially for black people.

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