Perez Hilton Takes A Shot At Nicki Minaj, Her Brother, & Meek Mill!


Blogger Perez Hilton and Nicki Minaj are typically known for a clap back or two, but this time around it may have been Perez who gave us the entertainment. The blogger took to Twitter to kick off a nasty feud with Minaj. He seems to be most bothered by the fact that Nicki took time out to tweet her new music, but she hasn’t commented on the Orlando shootings. He was further enraged upon noticing that she also liked a tweet by a fan who blasted him for not having a life outside of d-ck eating. Hilton responded by saying,

“I see that @NickiMinaj liked this tweet. Yes I love sucking d-ck. But mine are all over 18, unlike her brother xo.”

As if taking a shot at Minaj and her brother who is facing rape charges wasn’t bad enough, Hilton also came for Meek as he said,

“I am not scared of @NickiMinaj or @MeekMill. I don’t pay Meek much mind. You know like almost everybody else. #Views.”

#Savage. He brought Nicki’s brother into it as well as Drake’s success. Perez has no chill at all! Should Nicki have issued a statement about the Orlando tragedy?