Rapper Theophilus London Arrested Over $100 Beef With NYC Taxi Driver

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Theophilus London was arrested in New York City on Monday night (August 8th) after becoming embroiled in a dispute with a taxi driver.

Reports said the Hip-Hop star was taken into custody at the IFC Center movie theater in Manhattan and booked for allegedly “not paying the fare” and also taking the cab driver’s phone.

He was held behind bars for just under two hours, during which London shared his side of the story in a series of Twitter posts, claiming the altercation began when he tried to use a $100 bill to cover his cab fare.

“So I got arrested becuz (sic) I hate NYC cab drivers…,” he began. “I only had 100s on me and he didn’t want to break change.

“So he tried to keep my hundred while screaming in my face, so I gave him 5 mins to make change. After I counted down to 1, I took his phone And smashed it into 900 pieces, then I ran into the IFC MOVIE cinema and the cops ran up on me. Haha. Couldn’t buy a movie (ticket) in time (sic)”.

London was subsequently released, and he celebrated his freedom by declaring, “They love NY THEO hahah (sic). Shout out to sarge (sergeant). They just freed me!”

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