Roland Martin, Killer Mike Defend Gabby Douglas

Today on News One Now, Host and Managing Editor Roland S. Martin spoke with panelists Barbara Arnwine and NBC Black Contributor Lauren Victoria Burke about the extreme backlash of Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas’ hair while competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. During the conversation, Martin said that the attack on Douglas showcases the deeply rooted self-hatred in the Black community.

“These attacks on Gabrielle Douglas, largely by African Americans, about her hair speak to also deep seeded internal self-hatred that goes beyond entertainers that actually happens in our families, that happens at church,” said Martin. ”I’m removing Gabrielle Douglas; I’m saying this is something we have to continue with. It is so deep seeded because we have been conditioned to hate blackness.”

I'm sorry Some blacks are ashamed of the hair that nature knew best to give us be cuz as a sun people our kinky courtly hair is our best insulator to keep our scalps and body cool. I'm sorry we don't always understand nature made us perfect just the way we are. *************************************************I'm sorry Americans don't understand that simply being there and competing for your country proves you a worthy patriot. Any one can place their hands over their hearts for a song but you sacrificed your childhood and hours of your life to compete on behalf of your country so lazy ass people can watch your sacrifice & celebrate your accomplishments. A sacrifice they would never make simply So they can say WE/The USA won a medal. Our bragging rights come Becuz athletes like yourself actually Sacrifice. **************************************************I just wanna say I'm sorry those Lame's both black and white tried to shame one of the best among us Becuz they are not able to be as great. *************************************************Lastly, Thank U Sister. Thank U for inspiring a legion of small black girls & other races and cultures to be the best human beings they can be. I am proud to watch you and know my 9yr old daughter looks up to you. Thank U, Gabby. Thank U Champion. #BlackGirlMagic Is Real. Love and respect sister. Always. #ForTheRecordIdontHateWeave #ThisIsNotAWeaveOrAnyStyleBASHINGPOST #AllAreBeautiful #JustBeThatInSideAndOut. #UpliftMore

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