Houston’s Kyle Hubbard Shows Off The City’s Hipster Side On “This Is Houston”

When you think of Houston rap, city fave Kyle Hubbard is not likely to jump immediately to mind.

No slab. No lean. He isn’t ‘screwed up.’ But Kyle, as well as cameos T2 The Ghetto Hippie and Lyric Michelle and other like them have been a staple of the Screwston underground for years.

On “This Is Houston”, Kyle showcases his support for the hometown as vehemently as any trap rapper.

In addition to the many landmarks that get some shine; Frenchy’s, The Breakfast Club, Warehouse Live amongst them, Kyle dons a plethora of t-shirts throughout, each sporting either a local band or purchased from the local brands 1836 Clothing Company & Forgotten Arts Clothing.  

Lyric, T2, and I don’t fit into the mold that is so often associated with Houston hip-hop, despite the fact we have all three been active members in the city’s hip-hop scene for years.

Lyric’s hook is dripping with Houston hip-hop stereotypes, but that it is delivered by a female emcee known for her poetic lyrics gives the whole thing a tongue-in-cheek feel. The verses delivered by T2 and myself are more on the nose with the entire concept. The juxtaposition between the hook/production and the verses is all very deliberate.” Hubbard tells the Chronicle when they debuted the video.

Take a tour and see if you agree this IS Houston.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpW4W23RHA8]

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