Was The Beef Between Jeezy & Pimp C Ever Real?

Jeezy has recently been celebrating the success of his seventh studio album, ‘Trap Or Die 3’, and the fact that it has topped the Billboard charts as the No.1 album in the country.

During his recent press runs, Jeezy stopped by the Raq Rants show to shoot down the rumors that he ever had beef with rapper Pimp C.

When Raquel asked him if the two rappers every got to put their differences aside, Jeezy replied saying,

“It wasn’t really beef. I never understood that. I don’t think Pimp was talking about me. I know Pimp well enough to know that he was probably talking you know, because he’s not going to bite his tongue. He’s that type of person. Right before he passed he had a conversation with one of my guys. I was actually sitting in the car we was talking to him on speakerphone. [Pimp C was] like I love Jeezy.”

Jeezy also stated that he has a lot of respect for Bun B and Pimp C because he grew up on them. He said he never understood that [fake beef] because they never had friction.

Jeezy said he was kind of actually hurt about it because it was like one of his idols.

According to the Snowman, they all shot a video for a song they were on, and after that it kind of got crazy. It became a fake beef that he never understood because Pimp was like an uncle to him.

Some say it was the lean that may have been messing with Pimp C. At least Jeezy got a chance to talk to him and make sure things were all good between them before Pimp C passed.

RIP to the late, great Pimp C!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxIE4ohRP2E&w=630&h=420]

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