Peep What 2 Chainz Is Putting Down Payments On For The Ladies!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Somehow the king of plastic surgery has befriended all of the rappers!

A good amount of your favorite azz models and Instagram thot models have headed down to see Dr. Miami a time or two.

He is also known for his azz enhancement surgical procedures, and his graphic Snap Chat videos performing them.

2 Chainz knows for a fact that pretty girls like trap music, so I guess he said why not lend them a hand with enhancing their appearance. LOL.

He told y’all he likes him some big booty h-es! 2 Chainz paid Dr. Miami a visit to bless a young lucky lady with the big booty of her dreams.

He even sat in on the surgery recording snaps while it was going down. He ended up giving even more new a-ses away!

I can’t wait until the fake butt “trend” wears off. Most of y’all girls look ridiculous!!!! Do you think 2 Chainz is sending a bad message to women by encouraging this?

Yal thought I was playing haha

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Trap math #prettygirlsliketrapmusic on the way !!! Don't ask me guys I don't know

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I'm up here at @therealdrmiami right now ladies you got 22 min to meet me here!! I got something on it 😜

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