Angela Renee Combs: Has Blac Chyna Found Her Next Victim?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Y’all know Diddy ain’t going for that!

We can’t trust Blac Chyna with anyone’s son’s heart, okay!

Blac Chyna recently got some attention after putting a heart under one of Diddy’s son’s Instagram posts. People immediately thought Chyna was working on finessing her way from being a Kardashian to a Combs. LOL. She’s definitely the finesse kid.

Christian Combs is a bit young, but then again, all of Blac Chyna’s boyfriends and alleged hook-ups have been questionable.

One thing’s for sure is Puff Daddy isn’t going to go for this, so she may want to try her luck with another celebrity family.

Although Christian has had a longtime girlfriend, he may be secretly flattered.

Look at Chyna trying to get some of that Bad Boy money! Blac Chyna said if she can’t have Diddy, she will take his barely legal clone: his youngest son!

Christian stay away from Chyna, and Chyna don’t you slide in this teenager’s DMs!

#BlacChyna about to have #ChristianCombs growing chest hair. #InfamousRobe

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9 Responses to “Angela Renee Combs: Has Blac Chyna Found Her Next Victim?”

  1. Nemesis_Enforcer

    Folks gotta stop reporting on this THOT. She’s not even cute. Even if you are into fake boobs and butts, she don’t even have good plastic surgery lol. It’s so many bad chicks. Give THEM some shine.

    • STFUUIgnants

      That’s true. I feel like any chick that gets banged by a celebrity automatically gets an extra 1.5-2.5 points from the public on the 1-10 scale.

  2. ZUBU

    Lil man is growing up, but he should have nothing to do with that slore. She is too old, not sure why she is even on his page. She is acting like a creeper milf… SMH

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