Angelo Raguso / FAW9– The New Singing Sensation to Watch Out For

Angelo Raguso had started working on this tech track way back in 2019-20 after taking a few years off from music production and now it’s ready to rock in 2022.

Early life

Born in a province in southern Italy, Taranto, Angelo always had a keen interest in music but would have never thought that he would make it to the top league in a matter of few years. Taking the stage name of FAW9 he has been showing skills that will one day put him on the list of top singers worldwide. He has been making giant strides over the past few years and is now set to make a mark on the big stage with big releases lined up for him in the coming days. 

Entry into the music industry

He started making electronic music around 2009-10 after listening to disco numbers by prominent DJs like Simone LP, Andrea Roma, Sascha Funke, Metempsicosi, etc. He immediately got hooked on the world of electronic music and decided to make it a full-time career due to which he is where he is today. In 2011, he released his first EP with an Argentinian label “VK Minimal Techno Label”.

The grand runs continued and he released his second run after a few months on the label “Cubek Records” which got the first bit of support from the general public. People loved his tunes and the ambiance that his music provided. A track from this label, Solomun, was played at a couple of festivals. He has been working since and has never ever looked back.

He has been on the music loop for the past 10 years and is now eyeing the opportunity to release his music on the most prominent and well-known music labels like Spinnin’ Records, El Row Music, Hotfingers, Freakin909, Trax Records, and many others.

All this would be futile without knowing how he got into the vibrant world of music and entertainment. He started attending many clubs in his area and started going there religiously. But the turning point came when he saw the film “Berlin Calling” by Paul Kalkbrenner. This was something that turned his head upside down and catapulted him to the world of music. As fate had planned for him, he got to release an EP on his wife Simina Grigoriu’s label ‘Kuukou Records’.

Even to this day, he openly admits that he considers Richie Hawtin and Paul Kalkbrenner as his masters who have had a deep influence on his psyche and overall personality. He doesn’t get inspired by other artists as much as he likes to create something on his own that will inspire people.

His greatest achievement in music includes his track “Enjoy The Deep” released on Spinnin’ Records in 2014 together with Stamen and Camilo Valderrama. That was a huge hit and it was rated a top-rated electronic music record label. The track got millions of listens and views on Youtube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

The good news for his fans worldwide is that his new album is going to be released very soon. His new song “Gangsta” will be out for public consumption on Friday, July today, on the legendary Nervous Records.

More information about the label can be found here.

He had started working on this tech track way back in 2019-20 after taking a few years off from music production and now it’s ready to rock in 2022. He has decided to collaborate with Nervous records. The label’s response was very positive and they decided to release it right away. He is happy that the track he worked on so hard for so many years is finally going to see the light of the day.

The song is available for stream here.

He can be reached out on Twitter :  here.