Boyz II Men Stop By The Tom Joyner Morning Show For In Studio Performance


Photo by Rance Elgin

The iconic R&B trio Boyz II Men recently stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show for a nice in studio performance as well as a “Beyond The Studio” interview with Nikki Woods. Boyz II Men’s new album, Collide, is now in stores. Their new album presents a progressive sound for the R&B legends and their 23-year career. The group comprised of Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Wayna Morris hold the distinction of being the best-selling R&B group of all time, with 64 million albums sold worldwide.

The R&B legends ran through some of their most classic hits like “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” and “Water Runs Dry.” The group, known for their perfect acapella performances, tight harmonies, and vocal arrangement nailed the live in studio performance.

B2M expressed that they were glad the fans still adore them the way they do, but it’s not much money in the business anymore because its hard for artists to move units. They went on to discuss how being able to acquire performer residency in Vegas is a testament to their career and their success. They stated that there were other groups that started with them but you don’t hear too much from them. The iconic trio said their new album is about good vibes, and its self gratifying. They also discussed going from a quartet to a trio saying that Mike leaving the group was his own doing. Nathan explained that Mike will always be their brother as he contributed to what they are known for. However, he moved on to explain the fact that Mike didn’t show up for shows or recordings. “He took it for granted,” said Morris. Nathan stated that people don’t realize Mike left 12 years ago. Nathan also stated that Collide is amazing because they took it back to where it began for them in high school making music because they wanted to with no ulterior motives, “and that allows you to be as creative as you want to be,” said Morris. Wanya took the mic thanking everyone who has been a part of their careers (including Tom Joyner) over the years, stating that the group is in a good place as artists.