Daron Jones – “I Bet” Remix- Ciara


The accomplished and established R&B artist Daron Jones is ready to take his solo mission to unforeseen heights! As an Atlanta native, he first made a name for himself as a member of the group 112. Now plenty of love songs and awards later, he’s ready for a new stage. Daron’s goal is to establish a body of classic and timeless music that reflects the artist he is today. The stars seem to be aligned to allow this superstar to do just that.

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Behind the scenes he has made his presence felt by working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He sees writing and producing as another way to make his mark. Daron’s mission far exceeds entertainment. He shares his thoughts on how he wants to be remembered here, “I want to be looked at as someone who invested in becoming excellent for the purpose of serving others,” said Jones. One thing that is undeniable is Jones’ vocal ability and musicianship. As many know, covers of other artists’ work resonate well with fans and Daron is the cover king! Check out his latest release, a remix to Ciara’s popular single “I Bet” below! Also follow him on Instagram at @DaronFrom112 to be serenaded by his classics, new material, and your favorite covers!