EazieDaGod: “Booty Shorts” + Talks Sound, Influence, & More!


EazieDaGod made his mark as one of the most distinguished, forthcoming artists of his generation creating his own lane of Hip-Pop (Hip Hop & Pop Music). Hailing from NYC, EazieDaGod has brought his non-traditional talents to Detroit Rock City, where he now resides. When asked why the transition, EazieDaGod expressed his love for NYC and claimed his hometown will always be number one to him. He uttered that Detroit is similar to him, as he made a few mistakes and is on the rise again-undefeated.


His true authenticity makes him a resilient force in the world of entertainment. EazieDaGod believes in the “Law of Attraction” and makes it his mission to push out positive vibes musically that attract people of all ages. His individuality makes way for fresh sounds and timeless talent in today’s uniform industry. EazieDaGod, admired by hundred of thousands of fans, originated as a Youtube and NYC Summer Jam sensation where he now has over 1.2 million viewers collectively. Known for his bold style and intricate sound, he is easily set apart from conventional industry standards.

AllHipHop caught up with EazieDaGod to discuss his sound, influences, new single, what sets him apart and more!

Check out his new single “Booty Shorts” below.

Who is EazieDaGod?

I’m an artist; I draw attention. I’m motivation & positivity for those who have a voice but can’t be heard. To chase what you love & love what you do, be who YOU are & not who your expected to be. I’m EazieDaGod.

What inspired you to do become an artist?

The love for music, no matter what I did in life it’s always led me back to music. Whether it was playing sports in school to playing the corner on my block (hustling).

What provokes your style?

The fact that I believe “life is too short to fit in” Be weird, be different, be you, leave an impression. Make sure people remember you.

Who are your musical influences?

Lupe fiasco, fabulous, TI, 50cent, Ludacris

What sets you apart from other rappers/artists?

Being versatile, merging hip-hop & Pop together. I call my music “Hip-Pop” bringing that non-stop energy & stage presence. I make sure I electrify the crowd.

What’s your take on today’s music?

Music today has declined. Everybody sounds alike. Not enough content, but I will say there are still some good artists out there. That’s what makes them stand out.

Tell us about your new single booty shorts?

Summer anthem, for the ladies … & fellas who love to see women in their summer shorts. It’s an upbeat tempo & it gets the people moving. With a dance being incorporated, not only does it allow fellas to bop their heads to it, but it also gives the women something to dance too.

What’s next for you?

Releasing my next single called “You Know I Ride” followed by my Ep called ‘EazieDoesit’.

Who are some of the people you have been collaborating with?

I’ve been collaborating with the legendary “Tmoney green” who’s played the bass several years for The Dramatics, Dre.Dre, Death row, as well as many others. Also a few other up & coming artists that are making waves, like Young M.A, Young Relle, Tre’Voice, Messiah Da Rapper from Southern Playas, etc.

Tell us why you choose Detroit to work on your music?

I’ve been doing music 6 years independently. I know most music started in Detroit. I just wanted to get that feel of it. Plus they compare Brooklyn “where I’m from” to Detroit a lot. So it’s like home away from home. The love here is crazy. Every camp got some Detroit somewhere in their mix.

Anything else you want us know?

Stay tuned =)