EXCLUSIVE: DMK Talks Appearing On ‘Empire’, The Rise Of Girl Groups & Being Big Fans Of Brandy


(AllHipHop Features) The lineage of R&B girl groups includes several three-character monikers such as TLC, SWV and 3LW. A new female trio out of Detroit is looking to join that list of hit makers, and DMK is off to a great start to reaching that goal.

Over 9 million people watched DMK perform on the popular series Empire last week. Damoli, Melanee, and Kourtney were chosen from nearly 6,000 acts looking to win Fox’s “Next Empire Artist’ contest. The winner was guaranteed an appearance on an episode of the smash drama.

Besides getting to share TV time with the Lyon family, DMK also appeared on the Empire: Original Soundtrack Season 2 Volume 2 album. In addition, the vocalists recently premiered their new self-titled EP on the entertainment platform TIDAL.

AllHipHop.com connected with the three stars-on-the-rise to find out about their recent television gig. DMK also discusses being part of the TIDAL Discovery program, the public’s revived interest in girl groups, and getting the chance to sing for R&B veteran Brandy.

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How did growing up in Detroit influence your musical style?

Melanee: Growing up in the city has had a huge influence on us. Kourtney’s grandfather is actually Levi Stubbs from the Four Tops, so we literally have Motown running through our blood.

Your single “Love The Way You Love” has a New Jack Swing/1990’s feel. Are you fans of that era’s music?

Damoli: Absolutely, we are huge fans of En Vogue and SWV and the sound they embodied.

Kourtney: Exactly, we try to take that feel and give it our own sound. But we are definitely influenced by those 90’s groups.

How was the experience of appearing on Empire?

M: It was an amazing experience. They treated us like regulars on the show when we went to film, not like contest winners. Everyone embraced us. It was a really cool experience.

What has been some of the reaction from your performance?

D: People have been really showing support. We had a watch party in Detroit the day the show aired, and we barely were able to get in! [laughs] It was that many people. It’s been really encouraging.

K: We’ve gotten a big response on social media as well. Empire is such a huge platform, a lot of people who may not have known about us have been hitting us up. Kinda crazy.

Can we expect to see you on future episodes?

M: You gotta stay tuned! [laughs]

Why did you decide to premiere your EP and music video on TIDAL?

M: We have a really good team, and they wanted to make sure we put music out as the show was airing. And TIDAL has been a huge supporter of ours, so it only made sense.

How has the relationship with the TIDAL Discovery program impacted your career?

D: Tremendously! They’ve been showing support from the beginning. They premiered our first video, and we got the chance to sing the national anthem at CC Sabathia and Roc Nation’s charity event last month. We’ve been able to use the platform to expose our music to people we wouldn’t have reached without them. Shout out to Jason!

Girl groups seem to be making a comeback. Why do you think the public is receptive to embracing girl groups again?

K: Good question. I think because it’s time. It’s been so long that people are seeing the new groups and it’s taking them back to a place where R&B music thrived.

When can we expect a full DMK studio album?

K: We just released our new self-titled EP which is available everywhere! Hopefully you guys will get an album before the year is out!

I saw you got the chance to sing for Brandy. Could a possible DMK/Brandy collaboration be in the works?

M: It’s so crazy that you ask that. I actually just posted the picture we took with her as the anniversary of when we met her! It would be incredible to work with her! Brandy, if you see this girl, we love you! [laughs]

We met & sang for our favorite singer @4everBrandy! She was so sweet! She even started to sing w| us. We are so blessed to have had this opportunity. #Brandy Part 1! #Singers #DMK #Detroit #RnB #Music #GirlGroup #L4L #4everbrandy #Rocket #Beyonce #Beyhive

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